Month: May 2024

Sedona pics

​ They are the pictures of my sighting in Sedona as explain in the video below the video quality on…

Two UFO’s videoed over west Georgia

​ Excuse my childish reaction, first time having seen actual objects moving with solid light compared to the usual planes…

Strange white tictac shaped object with no lights or trail flying amongst clouds in Ohio.

 Read More  Last week I came across this strange white tictac shaped object flying SUPER high. There was no trail,…

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Google Maps Claim Recirculates – The Daily Dot

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Google Maps Claim Recirculates  The Daily Dot Read More 

My Sedona sighting

​ My sighting in Sedona had weird erie experience after, but looked in the sky and said thank you months…

Puerto Rico UFO

​ Hello. Been mulling on sharing this for a really long time. This photo was taken by accident in 2012…

Declassify the UAP Files – National Review

Declassify the UAP Files  National Review Read More 

I hope big dave and Ross the tan man approve of this and don’t hate … I did a DJ mix and used some of the interview for a track

​ The first 1 min Is dedicated to nhi ,, keep up the good work ross , and prayers…

Harvard UFO Lawyer On What The Government Have Really Been Hiding | Daniel Sheehan

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ChatGPT Detailed Summary of Garcia’s UAPDA House amendment

​ might be easier to digest for some of us: Summary of the Bill Proposal: Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Title:…

Navy Rear Admiral speaks out about UAP sightings in new paper

​ A new paper referencing video captured by Customs and Border Patrol of UAP, or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, over the…

Pentagon UAP Report Says No Evidence of Alien Tech – MeriTalk

Pentagon UAP Report Says No Evidence of Alien Tech  MeriTalk Read More 

Kirk McConnell, American’s For Safe Aerospace’s new advisor, who is he?

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What should we non-Americans do to support the NDAA?

For an Aussie like me, who isn’t familiar with the process and who I should contact at this stage, please…

UFO crash in Yarkutsk region Siberia

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Glacier Bay National Park

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