Month: July 2024

UFO whistleblower David Grusch is hero of 2023: Michael Ian Black – MSN

UFO whistleblower David Grusch is hero of 2023: Michael Ian Black  MSN Read More 

My back yard SoCal

​ Is there an obvious explanation for the two flying lights on the right side of the video? They look…

“Dan Burisch is alive. I’ve spoken to him”

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Remember Dan Burisch?

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UFO, Blackpool UK

​ Can’t believe this is my second time posting something in here but here we go, I was driving home…

What are these? I filmed this is Maryland last week

​ I have 3 other videos I can post. At first I thought they were comets and then they started…

A less-discussed cost of secrecy

​ Something that doesn’t get discussed often is how all of the secrecy might be affecting the lives of the…

The Deyo Diaries: UFOs Are Here! (1977)

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NASA has little to say about UFOs as anniversary of study teams release nears

​ h/t Mike Colangelo Now, almost a year after the NASA team’s findings were released, follow-up inquiries made by The…

Update from the UAP Coalition Netherlands

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We aren’t taking the information gathered and presented to us seriously

​ I’ve gone from awe-inspired when reading Leonard Stringfield to hopeful for our future when reading John Mack to wanting…

Realistically, what difference can Lue’s book actually make?

​ In my opinion, there are 3 types of people in the UFO community. Group 1: Those who have already…

Yalçin Yalman Breaks Silence: Inside the Turkey UFO Phenomenon

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Here’s how to identify Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (previously UFOs). – Psychology Today

Here’s how to identify Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (previously UFOs).  Psychology Today Read More 

Another ‘Acorn’ UFO sighting? Oakbay, BC, Canada. (6-29-2008)

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Response from Sen. Dick Durbin of IL

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Every “resolution” from AARO being mundane is due to survivorship bias

​ AARO gets a lot of criticism for being only a roadblock in the disclosure movement, not a spearhead. And…