Day: July 6, 2024

UFO transparency advocates want UAP questions in presidential debate – FOX 13 Tampa

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What is this?

​ Saw this above Lake Geneva, WI. It was completely silent as it passed and appeared to be moving pretty…

More UFOs from Los Angeles, California

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Flying Orb in Redwood City CA

​ Anyone know what this could be? Completely silent on a clear sky night. It was moving pretty slowly and…

A potential answer to the mystery of Cattle Mutilations from the experiences of an Abductee “They have changed”

​ A fog cloud had settled very low to the ground. It was so dense Carol could no longer make…

Robert Baer – Intelligence and Security Analyst for CNN says he has seen radar data showing UAP going Mach 6 – 02/12/23

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Clear UFO Compilation 10 – Jenined

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Documentary about the Magé incident

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North Carolina UFO Sighting Report Summary (NUFORC Sighting 180080)

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Possible UAP Sighting From Jet

​ March 26, 2024. I was flying back from a trip from Japan and was heading to DFW. What I…

I offer this to the ones who are still hoping for disclosure from any governments…

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UFO NEWS ROUNDUP for July 6th 2024 | DISCLOSURE TONIGHT with Thomas Fessler

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The Psychology of UFOs – Carl Jung

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Something’s up with AARO’s website – significant homepage and UAP videos are “not found”

​ Hey, I went to peruse AARO’s website ( a few minutes ago and found that the home page, plus…

A very special gathering: “these are the children of Roswell, they have come home” Eyes On Cinema

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Coincidence US expansion lines up with NHI time frame?

​ I noticed a lot of NHI dialogue has spoken about retrieval from other countries. Do you think a secondary…

Template to Congress: The suppression of information and the lack of transparency have led to a significant trust gap between the public and the institutions meant to serve us.

Dear [CONGRESS PERSON], For decades, the dissemination of misleading information regarding unidentified flying objects UFOs has not only hindered public…

Multi-Colored UFO caught on video in Italy

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A new ‘Jellyfish UFO’ captured at a US base in Iraq?

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