Day: July 9, 2024

The Children of Roswell: In case anyone doubts what happened at Roswell, watch this.

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Does anyone know where to find this document?

​ I am watching The Phenomenon documentary by James Fox and saw a picture of this Soviet document in it….

Possible UAP July 9, ‘24

​ Possible UAP, Plano, Tx 7/9/24, Taking a walk at 9:15p, bright light moving across the sky traveling northeast away…

Airliner Over Canada UFO.NORAD 2019/2020

A person I talked to was an O-7 (one star general/admiral) in the US military. I have talked to them…

2024-07-09 Lights, Porirua, Nz

​ Taken July 9th, 2024 @ 9:25pm NZST. The lights appear more towards Upper and Lower Hutt, but I took…

It’s Well Past Time For The Mainstream Media To Get Into The UAP Reporting Game

By Kevin Wright – Roswell Daily Record By Kevin Wright – Roswell Daily RecordNew Paradigm Institute ​Read More

Fox News – UFOs soar from taboo to presidential: ‘Time has come to inject UAPs into the … elections,’ institute says

 By Chris Eberhart – Fox News  By Chris Eberhart – Fox NewsNew Paradigm Institute ​Read More

UFO/UAP Questions at the Presidential Debate? | News Nation

News Nation – UFO Questions and the Debate News Nation – UFO Questions and the DebateNew Paradigm Institute ​Read More

Breaking News: UFO/UAP Disclosure at a Critical Juncture with Daniel Sheehan

Amber Yang – WantToKnow PEERS Amber Yang – WantToKnow PEERSNew Paradigm Institute ​Read More

The Crucial Role of Civics Education in Promoting Government Transparency and Disclosure of UAP Secrets

By Kevin Wright – Rosewel Daily Record By Kevin Wright – Rosewel Daily RecordNew Paradigm Institute ​Read More

Exposing The Truth – Santa Cruz Style Magazine

By Carolyn Bickford – Santa Cruz Style Magazine By Carolyn Bickford – Santa Cruz Style MagazineNew Paradigm Institute ​Read More


Disclosure Tonight with Thomas Fessler Disclosure Tonight with Thomas FesslerNew Paradigm Institute ​Read More

Trump says he has UFO files – will he be asked about it at debate? ‘Inject UAP into…elections,’ institute says

Chris Eberhart – Fox News Chris Eberhart – Fox NewsNew Paradigm Institute ​Read More

UAP Legislation & Controlled Disclosure with Daniel Sheehan

Engaging The Phenomenon Engaging The PhenomenonNew Paradigm Institute ​Read More

UFOs and aliens: What presidents know, but won’t say, about them

By Catherine Stoddard, Fox News By Catherine Stoddard, Fox NewsNew Paradigm Institute ​Read More

Diamond shaped craft in SW Michigan July 3rd

​ Location: Benton Harbor, MI Date: 07/03/2024 Time: 10:20 PM I know this is a long shot but I wanted…

AI Trailer / Varginha

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Cold War Conversations Podcast– British nuclear bomber pilot recounts his stunning UFO encounter

​ Cold War Conversations is a podcast about Cold War history. On their latest episode they interview a retired British…