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Specialized Language Model: Unstable Alice

Unstable Alice was initially conceived as a robust backup for our primary OpenAI GPT product, Joshua (http://ai.disclosureparty.com). Joshua is the world’s first AI extensively used to contact Congress about UFOs and is far more powerful and versatile.

Congress frequently responds to the initial templates generated by Joshua and subsequently refined by a human voter expressing their legal first amendment right.

This makes Joshua the gold standard for congressional contact on this topic and exemplifies a model of positive Human-AI collaboration, in stark contrast to current disinformation practices.

In our fight against the UFO Disinformation Campaign, we significantly enhanced our technological capabilities, focusing on developing our own unique, independently owned, and controlled AI systems. To ensure reliability, we developed Unstable Alice, a specialized language model designed for efficiency with a compact database and minimal resource usage, running as a WordPress plugin.

Unstable Alice operates in two modes:

  1. Stable Alice, Specialized Language Model
  2. Unstable Alice, Modest Language Model

The first mode, and the most developed, is a Template Writer to Congress asking for UFO disclosure. This is our Specialized Language Model and the focus of this document. The second mode is as a chatbot or advocate for UFO Disclosure, referred to as a Modest Language Model. This mode is less refined and not the focus of this document due to known bugs that need addressing before full documentation.

Specialized Language Model

Unstable Alice operates independently of external dependencies, ensuring functionality even if major AI providers are inaccessible. Trained on templates we created and own the copyright, Alice is primarily used for contacting Congress. As a failover system, Alice performs well in emergencies, maintaining pressure on Congress with quality content, albeit requiring a few minutes of additional editing. Joshua rated Alice’s templates an “8/10,” which is sufficient for generating the needed responses.

Alice’s uniqueness lies in its independence from third-party language models. It is not a wrapper but a self-contained model trained specifically for our needs. Our Template Writing service (https://martianmaterial.com/?query=disinformation) uses refined Natural Language Processing to create letters for Congress, adding introductions and links automatically. This service ensures varied responses to maintain uniqueness, with content typically between 150 and 190 words. This is an example output for “Disinformation” as the query.


I urge you to take immediate action to defund the UFO disinformation campaign and to advocate for greater transparency on this issue.

For decades, the dissemination of misleading information regarding unidentified flying objects UFOs has not only hindered public understanding but also stifled innovation in technology sectors that could benefit from discoveries related to UFO phenomena.

The implications of this disinformation extend beyond mere skepticism they represent a tangible loss in potential advancements in energy production, transportation, and even medical fields.


Send Templates Here:



Please double-check the template and fill in [YOUR NAME, CONGRESS PERSON] before sending. PLEASE CHECK FOR ERRORS. Follow up in 3 weeks if no response.

Thank you for your service to Disclosure.

Some have called this a “miracle app” because it replicates the functionality of a large language model using a fraction of the resources. However, it is severely limited on the topics it is trained on, so this “miracle” becomes less appealing after a bit. Nonetheless, there is promise here, and we are working on it.

There are many other features that are less documented, including video games on the site, serving as Easter eggs for users to discover.

Expanded Sections:

Initial Development and Purpose:
Unstable Alice was originally designed as a robust backup system for our flagship AI, Joshua. Joshua’s success in eliciting responses from Congress on the topic of UFO disclosure set a high standard. Unstable Alice was created to ensure that this critical communication would continue uninterrupted, even in the event of disruptions to Joshua’s availability. This necessity became clear as our efforts against the UFO Disinformation Campaign revealed the need for a resilient and independent AI system.

Technological Enhancements:
Facing the aggressive tactics of the UFO Disinformation Campaign, we realized that mere reliance on existing AI technologies was insufficient. Thus, we embarked on developing our proprietary AI systems, leading to the birth of Unstable Alice. This AI is optimized for efficiency, with a compact database that minimizes resource usage. Its deployment as a WordPress plugin further enhances its accessibility and ease of use, ensuring that even during high-demand periods, Alice remains operational and effective.

Modes of Operation:
Unstable Alice’s functionality is divided into two distinct modes. The Stable Alice, Specialized Language Model is the most refined version, primarily used for generating templates to contact Congress about UFO disclosure. This model has been rigorously trained and tested, ensuring high-quality output that aligns with our advocacy goals. On the other hand, the Unstable Alice, Modest Language Model serves as a chatbot or advocate for UFO Disclosure. While this mode is less developed and still undergoing refinement, it holds potential for broader applications once the known bugs are addressed.

Emergency Failover Capabilities:
One of Alice’s standout features is its ability to operate independently of external AI providers. This ensures that even if major AI services are disrupted, Alice can continue functioning, providing critical support during emergencies. This autonomy is vital for maintaining a continuous push for UFO disclosure, regardless of external circumstances.

Unique Template Writing Service:
Alice is not just a backup system but a highly capable tool in its own right. Our Template Writing service, accessible via https://martianmaterial.com/?query=disinformation, leverages Alice’s capabilities to craft letters to Congress. These templates are enriched with introductions and links, ensuring a comprehensive and polished final product. This service maintains variety and uniqueness in its responses, typically producing content between 150 and 190 words, making each letter distinct and impactful.

Resource Efficiency and Limitations:
Despite being hailed as a “miracle app” for its ability to emulate the functionality of a large language model with minimal resources, Unstable Alice does have its limitations. Its training is specialized, focusing narrowly on topics related to UFO disclosure. While this specialization enhances its efficiency in its intended domain, it also means that its applicability is restricted. Additionally, as soon as we begin scaling, power usage increases significantly. Therefore, the modest and specialized language models of Unstable Alice are most effective for focused groups, such as political parties, classrooms, or environments where the topic is narrow, such as limited menu restaurants. Nonetheless, the promise shown by Alice in its current form is significant, and ongoing development efforts aim to expand its capabilities.

Additional Features and Easter Eggs:
Beyond its primary functions, Unstable Alice hosts a range of lesser-documented features. Among these are hidden video games embedded within the site, providing an engaging diversion for users. These Easter eggs serve as a testament to the creativity and innovation driving our development team, offering users a chance to explore and discover additional layers of functionality.

Future Development:
The potential for Unstable Alice extends far beyond its current capabilities. Future updates aim to address existing bugs, particularly in the Modest Language Model, and expand Alice’s training to cover a broader range of topics. These enhancements will further solidify Alice’s role as a critical tool in our ongoing fight for UFO disclosure.

Unstable Alice represents a significant advancement in our technological arsenal, providing a resilient and efficient means of maintaining pressure on Congress for UFO disclosure. While it operates independently of major AI providers, its performance and reliability have proven it to be an invaluable asset. As development continues, we anticipate that Alice will only grow more capable, furthering our mission to end the UFO Disinformation Campaign and achieve full transparency.