I think the answer is yes to lots and lots of questions. Yes private contractors own fallen uap. Yes UAP could fix global warming electricity issues Yes there’s been a long disinformation campaign.

It’s been said before. If we were all going to die in 2027, we would be preparing for it.

I believe that the dark or difficult reason for this secrecy is because we potentially already know what we could be dealing with via our human history. We’ve got way more than enough unexplained ancient artifacts and so many clear signs of fallouts of nonexistent civilizations. If we found out we are just a blip in earth history and other civilizations lived for eons, then the earth wouldn’t even be ours to claim. 2000 years is probably nothing in planetwide ownership. They’d come back, and we’d have to respect where we stand in relation to them. That’s the hard part. It would probably be humbling. Maybe some people know their intent. I have no idea.

There’s been so much obliteration of history to gain the powers at hand that we have, that it wouldn’t even make sense where to begin unraveling this tail. Telling us about ufos and UAP and their tech is one thing. Telling people there’s hieroglyphs and Ancient Greek inscribed on the side of a UAP means you have explaining to do. A lot of explaining to do. That’s why this is hard. Quite frankly, all of us can handle little green men flying in a saucer. We can deal with aliens from another dimension coming here……but maybe that’s not what we have. We have life changing revelations for literally everyone learning more about our place and standing in the universe. Showing anything instantly unveils a HUGE can of worms about humanities lore. I’m not being self absorbed about humanity being bigger than we actually are. This is a real phenomenon

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