I just watched the documentary “Moment of contact” about the Varingha UAP incident and I have a few thoughts. English not first language.

In the documentary the witness of the UAP crash doesn’t say he saw any beings in or around the craft, and he states that military arrives quite quickly to the location.

If there were beings getting out of the craft wouldn’t he have seen that given it landed in a open area? Also if the beings crawled out later wouldn’t military have caught them then? Instead of the beings managing to walk quite a distance and right in to town.

Another thing, it’s stated that it took 3 hours from the moment when the 3 woman saw the being to it being catched.

Given the small area from where it was catched to where it was sighted shouldn’t the military who had blocked the area found it earlier?

And also one other thing that struck out to me is the family describing the round UAP “looking” just above the house. There should surely be more witnesses to this as it stated to have happened right above the house in a neighbourhood filled with people.

I’m not saying this incident never happened and the documentary is very convincing, these are just thoughts.

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