A Sub Divided: Thoughts on Disinformation Affecting Both Sides

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(Let me preface this post by saying that I’m trying to represent both perspectives regarding the airplane video)

***Sorry for the long post, but I’m trying to express my thoughts in full.

When the airplane story ran through this sub like a wildfire, I was immediately skeptical of it. Not because of some technical debunking, but through noticing multiple indicators of disinformation such as:

Sowing discord Flooding the information environment Exploitation of information gaps (this is the tactic that I think will cause the sub to not be able to fully prove or disprove the video, causing the community to bicker for months potentially)

Well, this story still saturates this sub on a daily basis with no end in sight and it has completely divided this community. Look at the timing of the video entering the sub in parallel to the Grusch allegations combined with how quickly the sub split. Over the last two weeks, from the aggressive posturing on both sides, I’ve come to recognize that if there is an ongoing campaign, it is nudging both sides of the aisle which in turn is dividing us.

So now let’s set a baseline for the possibility that a disinformation could be going on as I’ve seen many people laugh that idea off or dismiss it. Many members claim that it’s either real or a hoaxer is behind it, but they are leaving out the third option of disinformation, which would bring with it more resources and abilities.

If you think Grusch’s allegations of a UAP crash retrieval program could be possible, then you have to take into account that he also alleged a “sophisticated disinformation campaign against the public” is occurring around the UAP/NHI topic.

At the heart of the allegations is that there has been an 80 year coverup and how would one coverup a topic this enormous? Through tradecraft and disinformation.

Disinformation campaigns are a very real thing around the world and there are many case studies to look at how this has been done. The U.S. recently experienced a major one from Russian troll farms infiltrating social media platforms and steering the narrative around a presidential election.

When it comes to communities that are emotionally attached and passionate about a topic, they can be manipulated by targeting those feelings. And emotions/passion are very strong here as we all seek the fundamental truth to a phenomenon that has affected humanity worldwide for a very long time.

Where would disinformation regarding this topic occur? Considering the majority of people don’t care about this topic at all, one would not need to allocate resources toward them. So that leaves communities deeply interested in the topic and many of these communities reside online. This sub now has 1.5 million subscribers, which is enormous and is potential prime territory for it.

Now a major mistake I believe people are making regarding potential disinformation affecting this sub. Many people are blaming the accounts that disagree with their perspective on the airplane video regardless of which side they are on. However, I believe the vast majority of people here are completely genuine in their beliefs on whether the video is real or fake. Instead it is probably more likely that certain ideas were seeded into the community ingratiating itself into the collective subconscious and then the community divided itself on its own. A little nudge here and there is all that is needed for a highly passionate community.

Having said all this, I could be very wrong in my assessment as I don’t know the truth like the rest of us. If it is true, though, I don’t know what the solution is as we don’t want to stifle conversation on topics the community wants to discuss, while also taking into account that the community could be getting manipulated.

The point of all this is we need to find a way forward to engage in genuine discourse. As time goes on and AI programs and bots exponentially increase in the online environment, it will become increasingly difficult to know what the truth is.

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