Hello, I am a Pilot for a major airline and Navy Reserve Pilot having flown off aircraft carriers all over the world for my entire career. In my 20 years in the Navy, I have never seen anything, though I know others that have. Well last night, transiting from Hawaii to Seattle on the Zulu pacific track, Myself, the other pilot, and a host of other planes got a pretty crazy light show.

At about 1 am pacific time (maybe +1) Im not sure how iPhone displays the time, right past the halfway point on the Zulu track (an established ATC pacific crossing route) we started hearing chatter on the radio, about ufos and a light show. As we looked to about a 030 heading, immediately to the right of the Big Dipper, one piece of sky had quite the anomaly going on. About 20-30 degrees above the horizon were objects that were moving left to right as whole but in that movement would move up and down or right to left. We watched these for over an hour until they just stopped. At first they all seemed to move pretty linear and with constant velocity so I took them to be satellites or something else, but I questioned why we could only see them in one piece of sky. They would not track across, they would disappear as they moved to a certain portion. Then we saw some move in more non linear motion and even gain speed and then I really began to question what they were.

The video is from an iPhone 14, it does a decent job but there were a ton of more dim “ufos” that I don’t think it picked up. Anyways any explanation or debunking is welcome… it was quite the night and definitely kept me awake during my redeye! I have another video I will post that has what looked like a pyramid shape of lights. All these videos were from the cockpit glare shield held as still as possible.

Original video might be too big so here is a shorter one. I will work on getting these linked up on YouTube or something unless someone just tells me I saw starlink 🙂


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