Airliner Video: Discussion of UAP movement quirks and the “story” they tell

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I want to preface this by asking you to SUSPEND DISBELIEF for this discussion and entertain the idea that the video is real. Like many of you, I’ve noticed that there are non-perfect quirks in the UAP movements throughout these videos that indicate an overall story to this event. I want to summarize the story of those behaviors and open up the discussion for your thoughts. With all the polarization going on in the sub, I figured this would be a light thought-exercise and look forward to your unhinged theories.

First, here’s a layout of how each sphere entered the scene:

UAP Sphere paths with points of interest numbered. First Sphere = Red, Second Sphere = Blue, Third Sphere = Yellow

The first sphere comes flying at extremely high speeds from off screen and actually passes the airliner during this initial run. It then doubles back and seems to do a loop right next to the airliner.
Thoughts: Interesting that if the airliner was it’s target, it wouldn’t just go straight toward it. This “mistake” indicates to me that the orb was NOT targeting the airliner on its initial pass. It could have been looking for it though, or maybe it detected something interesting as it passed.

Not until the sphere does its close-up pass of the airliner do the other two orbs appear.This looks like a double-back and inspection of an object-of-interest.
Thoughts: What could it be interested in? I’ve briefly seen some theories on secret cargo, but what would be so interesting to an NHI that mere humans have? Maybe there was tech belonging to it that it was looking for? In any case it seems like the sphere then calls for backup.

The second orb seems to materialize from the blue background.
Thoughts: Based on the limit of the video quality, I think this implies that the second orb is coming from below, out of focus. Maybe from the ocean? Or did it just transition in from some other dimension? It seems to also do a double-back but I think if we’re saying it’s coming from much lower altitude, this could just be our perspective of a slight arc in its trajectory as it rises. The third orb is at-speed from offscreen — hard to deduce much there.

Once all three are together they take formation. As many pointed out, this rotating triangle formation seems to turn on all 3 axes, creating a sphere.
Thoughts: I agree with many of you that this looks like they’re scanning/gathering data. I think they’re probably scanning their object-of-interest here and trying to figure out how to perform their “maneuver.” It doesn’t make sense that the first orb was just flying around looking for something to zap out of existence. It seems to me that the plane itself or something it was carrying was valuable to the NHIs. And during this scan, they decided “fuck it we’ll take the whole plane.” That scares me.

Summary of my theory so far with labels:

The second half:

(Left Half) This picks up after the plane turns. Right before the plane reaches the washed out cloud, the scan completes. There is a very clear transition in the orb behavior as they begin to reorient their formation perpendicular to the airliner. I believe this is also the point in the thermal video where the orbs’ cold contrails briefly reverse direction, referenced in this thread:
Thoughts: To me this looks like they’ve initiated their portal procedure. Once they take their perpendicular position, the plane has completely leveled off, and that orientation remains for the rest of the sequence. Not that it matters but this sequence lasts almost exactly 10 seconds. Also, I don’t know about you, but these last few seconds of rotation “feel” a lot more purposeful, like this is a procedure that’s strict, careful, and automated — not sure how else to explain it.

(Right Half) Portal. Or maybe implosion, or black hole, or interdimensional transfer, or simulation object delete. Who knows. Regarding the “inkblot” in the thermal video, I saw a commenter on youtube that had an interesting theory that this is an antimatter event, not sure how BS it is:

“Nice! Cool to see an antimatter operation on film! Endothermic as expected with energy state inversion. And look at that wavefunction displacement! If you go frame by frame you can see the atmosphere trying to equalize against some kind of neutral field barrier, before the barrier is removed and the remaining energetic detritus is allowed to equalize and evaporate!

I’m guessing the formation was needed in order to properly focus the machinery needed to perform such an action, kind of like retroreflective tracking markers, who would have thought something so advanced would use triangulation! Base point math seems to still be of use further down the tech tree, or maybe said math is just what we call what is actually a physical constant.

Edit: Just noticed the UFO’s pull in close just before the AM operation, probably to be within the field effect! Almost a basic lensing operation, they might have been actively stabilizing the various fields too.”

Let me know if anyone has noticed other movement behaviors, and please link image/video/post references if you can. What do you think they imply about this UAP or NHI? WTF was happening during this event? Was someone trying to sneak some technology and the NHIs found out about it? Or maybe it was an elaborate honeypot by the USG to record a UAP action — the drone did seem to be well placed… I look forward to your theories.

Also, for reference here’s a link to the side-by-side sync video.

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