Just pointing out, that there seems to be a concerted effort to discredit David Grusch

Attacking a person, instead of their argument, shows that the ones doing the attacking have no rebuttal. That, or they believe that any rebuttal they make to the argument, is weak

His character and past have no bearing on the validity of his arguments. Much effort is being made about this. If there is no credibility to the claims, then why bother to write all of these stories pointing out flaws in the character. Instead of trying to discredit the argument and claims, they skip over that; hoping to associate for people that he is not to be trusted, and in doing so, hope that enough people
dismiss the claims he makes out of hand, without examining them

Yet if there is nothing to examine, then there ought not to be anything to distract people from, by using these Ad Hominem attacks

Definition of Ad Hominem

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