A Dogon Granary Door showing Tellum(Little blue men) in my Hometown.

Man does not know. For man often forgets. But they know. The stones know, And they remember. Airships were flying. Came pouring a liquid fire. Came flashing The spark of life and death. By the might of spirit Stony masses ascended. Scriptures guarded wise secrets. And again all is revealed… And yet, since it befits the wise to know all things in advance, of this you must not remain ignorant: a time will come when it will appear that the Egyptians paid respect to divinity with faithful mind and painstaking reverence — to no purpose. Soul and all teachings about soul (that soul began as immortal or else expects to attain immortality) as I revealed them to you will be considered not simply laughable but even illusory…now carry your great books into the jungles. Place your histories deeply in caverns where none of these men can find them. Nor do you bring them back to the sunlight until the War-Cycle is over

So one of the Dir at Vatican museum found an old copy of one of many pieces of history that was stolen during the Invasions of the Nile. The Tulli papyrus account of aerial vehicles from Thutmose IIIs Dhejdi scribes in the PrAnkh (House of Life) was plagiarized by the writer of Ezekiels “wheel” story. Papyrus This is the ancient Romans Clipeology, named after the aerial vehicles that were shaped like the “Clipeus”, silver shields used by their soldiers. Plutarch calls them “Clipeus-Arden” shields of fire.

Egyptian & Ezekiel similarities “the House of Scribes”— “the House of Israel”

“was coming in the sky”— “the heavens were opened”

“it was a circle of fire”— “always referred to as wheel of fire”

“heads with four faces” – “everyone had four faces”

“It had no voice”– “I heard a voice that spake”

“Their hearts became confused through it: then they laid themselves on their bellies”– “When I saw it, I fell on my face.”

“His Majesty ordered… written in rolls”– “and God spread a roll before me and it was written…”

” towards the south”—“out of the north”

“the brightness of the sun”—“and a brightness was about it”

“it was after supper” –“cause thy belly to eat.”

This all takes place allegedly in Egypt during the reign of Thutmose III “in the land of Egypt.” –“I am against Pharaoh, king of Egypt”

” Fishes and volatiles fell down from the sky.” — “thee and all the fishes: thou shalt fall upon the open fields.”

Enki is God Ptah(cthonic God)& you see when Horus challenged Seth for the throne. “Horus attacked Seth from a Nar”, a term which in the ancient Near East meant “Fiery Pillar”…. Depictions from pre-dynastic showed this celestial chariot as a long, cylindrical object with a funnel-like tail and a bulkhead from which rays are spewed out, a kind of a celestial submarine. In front the Nar had two headlights or “eyes,” which according to the Egyptian tales changed color from blue to red*’. Horus called us his mesniu – “Metal People” Enki is Lord of the Metal Mines.

I use Jaliyaa as an example because we are 1 of the few who maintained the Uruk Kings & Sages tradition, everyone else has gotten away from it. Baba explains here Historical Role

Nummo & 8 Ancestors Made in image of the Gods

Jaliyaa, Recordkeeper of the people were held in high regard from W Africa to Central & South America. Teaching language to the Olmec & shown with a stele of Mandig on basalt figurines in the Andean. Our mission was to cultivate the land and grow the celestial grains so that everyone could live in abundance. Carrying the knowledge contained within the Kora-Na with them. The eight ancestors and their offspring were charged with conducting important ceremonies such as the Sigui ceremony. According to tradition of the Hopi, Sumerian, Dogon, etc a “blue star” appeared in Space, later a rotating vessel of fire & thunder (Kora Na) lands on Earth carrying the first humans. The Shape of the ark was a pyramid &the basis for sacred geometry, the shape, design, and proportions of the Ark express all of the principles and science humanity would need for the reorganization and atonement of Ogo’s(Sun) earth.

Jesus’ & his Essenes envisioned the Final War of Men as one in which the Company of the Divine would join the Congregation of the Mortals, and the “war cries of gods and men” would mingle on the battlefield. In the Mahabharata, quoted by Oppenheimer it was Enki speaking to Arjuna telling him he had to do his duty. No longer the kind, amicable boy who only wanted to raise up his creation in peace, he went to war with his own (the Elohim-council of rulers) for humanitys sake. As Ninti called them “Fools” for asking Enki to raise his hand against his own humans. The mining was done to equip humans to assist in the war of the Gods, this is why he’s called “trickster-traitor” names he embraced.

It’s their fault, they were warned. “My seed are not tools, I shall create for you machine’s“. Later, after he’d successfully removed them from the Earth having take refuge on our relatively new moon one of my fav Sumerian accounts begins with “My father, ruler above & below celebrates his own magnificence… as is his right ”

As ive shown with the Hopi already, He left us these & had them lead our migrations. Zorats Karer• The Hopi believe Alo to be spiritual guides. The Sumerians believed AL.U to be beings of Heaven. • The Hopi believe Kachinas (Kat’sinas) are the spirits of nature and the messengers and teachers sent by the Great Spirit. The Sumerians believed KAT.SI.NA were righteous ones sent of God.

In Archaic Egypt by Prof Walter B. Emery, an Egyptologist, discovered some dolichocephalous skulls, in Egypt. Quartz Courtyard Emery believed that this ‘race’ was highly dominant aristocracy that governed entire Egypt, mixing only with the priestly classes. These skulls belong to the group Manetho describes ‘illumined this land when they came forth unitedly’ the Shemsu Hor, the disciples of Horus.

Here the battle of Horus v Seth, Horus like his father Osiris were the “Anu people” , what F Petrie called “0 Dynasty”. Sacred Texts-Horus & SethFrom the skies, flying in the Winged Disk, Horus spotted the enemy forces and unleashed upon them a “storm” that could neither be seen nor heard, yet it brought instantaneous death. Oh Lord of the Gods! The Winged Measurer has returned in the great Winged Disk, shining with many colours…” now in the ancient aircraft thread im gonna link is a comparison & full explanation of the crash material from the Brazilian case which was analyzed by Valle & Dr Nolan and shown in the Phenomenon film. The material is an exotic form of Bismuth, the crash material is precisely what Enki taught us to make. In fact, the children we are guiding today will be the ones to reintroduce these technologies to the world & bring about a complete makeover of what’s considered “science” today,which only accounts for half of reality itself..

Yalebe refers to them as lightships. Our ancestors understood that nature IS technology. The ability to transmute into various shapes is due to what was called “living rock”. Now people say “the Egyptians stacked rocks”, the arrogance & ignorance of this current generation cannot be passed on to the next. It is an exercise in cybernetics well beyond current understanding. As with the ancient temples, these ships are partially living entities. Some of your own craft are powered by crystals, the TR3b article in the Aviation mag shows use of “Quasicrystals” (benchgaard salts). The more advanced will be a crystal-based entity in its own right.In other words, the body – and whatever else accompanies it – must carry a natural blueprint within it so it may reassemble itself in the proper form after the event or transformation….The way light and other base elements interact with one great variable in the universe is what helps ’make’ what appears to be a ’solid’ object. That variable is known to us as magnetism.

We were taught that Galena and Pyrite can be used to make radio receivers that do not rely on batteries. Silica is a relation of silicon, one of the foundations of the computer chip industry. All of the technology surrounding how temples work as energy conductors and receivers is based in quartz, crystals, and silica/silicon, because these are the basis of the communications industry. The metal of choice was gold because it is one of the finest conductors of electricity, and looks good as a decoration over some other metals that might have been used. Water is also a very powerful conductor of electricity as well.

The image from that movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which the Nazis open the Ark only to find sand, is not coincidental—sand is silica-based.The crocodiles act a power source, what you might think of as ‘animal magnetism,’ only in this case it is more electro-magnetic energy, similar to the idea that the human body is a battery of electro-magnetic energy capable of producing a steady 120 volts of electricity, in and of itself. This theme is expended upon in the movie, The Matrix, where human beings are used as a power source for an ‘alien-like’ race of artificial intelligence machines, and bred for the power they can create—kind of like portable batteries In the crocodile temples, this energy was transmitted through the silica clay as a semi-conductor to power the receiving and transmitting of the energies to and from space, and distant stars

-in 1895 an Indian Engineer reconstructed an Unmanned Vimana from blueprints in the Vedas. This is why the Nazi secret societies made expeditions to Tibet & India. Of course, the most important haf already been taken long before. We’ve always known beforehand when the materialistic invaders were coming & moved accordingly. Vedic Science Influenced Quantum physics Reverse engineering Vimana Ancient Engineering .

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