Anti-gravity propulsion and its potential application in weaponry has been around since the 90s, Boeing has actively been working on it since – tied to plane UAP?

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So recently I learned about a scientist that discovered anti-gravity, Dr Ning Li, at the University of Alabama Huntsville in the 1990s. During this time she received tonnes of attention for her peer reviewed papers theorising the practical creation of an anti-gravity effect. As a result of this, she ultimately ended up working for the DOD with a high level security clearance.

Around the same time, she claimed that a high-temperature super conducting disc she was developing, could essentially create a ‘force field’ like effect. Interestingly, at the same time in the 90s, another physicist by the name of Eugine Podkletnov also published peer reviewed papers in which he claimed he can create a gravitational force shield from a rotating superconducting disc. His work was deemed so controversial that he ultimately lost his job at the university he worked at.

This then spawned the following interesting article in 2002:

This article claims that in a leaked document obtained from Boeing Phantomworks, NASA tried to replicate Podkletnov’s experiment shortly after the paper was published, but ultimately failed in producing the same result, they later would go on to admit they failed because they hadn’t set up their system in the exact way Podkletnov did. However, in 1999, they were finally able to figure out how to make a similar large, thin superconducting disc.

Interestingly, Boeing confirmed this document was real, but would not admit that they had provided any company funding into the project, while also noting that they couldn’t comment on any funding regarding black projects.

What interests me most about the article is the section that states in the same document, Boeing apparently seems to focus on implementation of a weapon that could theoretically vaporise a target: “But it is also apparent that Podkletnov’s work could be engineered into a radical new weapon. The GRASP paper focuses on Podkletnov’s claims that his high-power experiments, using a device called an ‘impulse gravity generator’, are capable of producing a beam of ‘gravity-like’ energy that can exert an instantaneous force of 1,000g on any object — enough, in principle, to vaporise it, especially if the object is moving at high speed.”

A key part of this extract that stood out to me is the aforementioned especially if the object is moving at high speed. Given the video we’ve seen of the UAP orbs surrounding the plane, and the fact that all these anti-gravity weapons utilise superconductors that spin up in order to create a beam of gravity-like energy that, stated in the article, is only coming from a 4in (10cm) wide beam, with the power to vaporise a fast moving target into nothing, is this what we’re witnessing in the plane video? Bare in mind this was over 20 years ago, it’s logical to assume it has rapidly advanced since then.

One of the last known communications from Dr Ling before her work went entirely covert, seems to have been found in this video and was an email she sent to colleagues in 2003 that stated she had managed to increase the scale of the ‘force field’ like effect just years later, the force field supposedly surrounds the superconductors. Is that video showing 3 superconductors that have generated a force field effect around themselves to form an orb? Is it possible the reason these orbs spin in the video because, as mentioned in the papers, that’s how they generate the beam of anti-gravity energy that vaporises a target, thus vaporising the plane? Theoretically, with how far away the video was filmed from, you wouldn’t even see the beam that is generates from that distance because of how thin it is.

Mostly just spitballing theories here and I’m sure others can find a lot more on this subject, but it’s very interesting to me that Boeing was definitely working on this technology, the plane in the video is definitely a Boeing plane, and US military drones and satellites were honing in on it at the time, were we witnessing the testing of an anti-gravity weapon?

Figured this would be a good subject to open a discussion on as it may provide some clues to the UAP phenomenon we’ve witnessed in the videos. Hopefully someone with more knowledge on advanced physics can chime in and clarify some things further.

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