Circled area is where the videos were taken.

Tried my luck and managed to get lucky again, this little guy was zipping between planes, it was incredibly hard to see with the naked eye while it was dim and watching the phone would make me lose my night vision making it hard to track. Unfortunately I’ve managed to take the shittiest out of focus footage ever taken. Does anyone know what I need to change to get decent footage incase I ever get the chance again. It took quite a few attempts to even get what I got, unfortunately I couldn’t get any shots of it zipping between planes. I actually feel embarrassed posting these garbage quality videos.

I only used optical zoom. What I saw was nothing like the videos show, I thought that by keeping the trees in view they would be a good reference so you could see the erratic movements but it all looks shit. The color was wrong as well, there was a very clear orange colored glow and a feint disco effect at the center when it lit up.

My daughter saw one of the light shows but unfortunately was more interested in heading back to the house to play games online.

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