Are you sure you want disclosure?

When you look out of your window, maybe you see your town, village, city, or wherever you live. Maybe you see people’s homes, with trees and nature surrounding them. That’s your community. Maybe you identify first and foremost as your nationality, or as an adherent of your faith. Most people will say they are ‘human’ last, and, say, American first. Maybe people go a step further, and say they’re New Yorkers first. Regionalism is very human.

My point is, we are tribal creatures. We are loyal to our tribe. We love our immediate surroundings and kinship with the people most like us. But imagine that, one day, disclosure happens. Would our innocence evaporate before our very eyes? Would our tribalism disappear? Is this a good thing? Do you want your ‘community’ to peel away? Knowing that we are inferior to the UAP makers, how would that make you feel? Would you feel somehow disconnected and lost, that you’ve somehow lost your community?

I guess my question is, are you ready for the mindfuck that disclosure could bring to the human race? It isn’t just ‘westerners’ who get to know either, it’s everybody on this planet – from Africa to Asia and everywhere in between. How would poorer nations fare with disclosure? How would religions react?

Is disclosure really a good thing?

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