As if the constant swamping of the sub with this MH370 garbage isn’t enough of a DOS attack already – the bad-faith directed at VFX artists willing to participate in this discussion is beyond the pale…

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Enough of the digs, enough referring to VFX artists present here and prepared to participate as “self-proclaimed” experts – enough of the argument that if the footage is fake it would be reproduced by now.

The reason no professional VFX artists is prepared to put their time and effort into re-creating this footage is simply because we know that its a waste of our time.

We don’t actually know what software was originally used, so there is no way for us to exactly match a frame-by-frame reproduction. It’s like expecting us to work out the prompt used to produce a specific image on an AI image platform: without the original prompt, close is as good as it can get.

That been said and we try to get close – literally within 30 seconds of posting the output will be rejected on the grounds it doesn’t exactly match. Bad faith argument number 1.

Number 2 is: if we succeed – the immediate counter argument goes that, simply because we can reproduce the footage exactly, it doesn’t prove the original footage was produced that way…

It’s a total waste of our professional time and, further more – we can’t say we’ve noticed a single one of the arm-chair experts here offering to chip anything in for the gas. We know perfectly well all any serious effort to reproduce this footage is going to be met with bad-faith rejection from people who have put absolutely no skin in the game themselves.

So – here’s the deal: for those that actually care enough to bad mouth us, get your heads together – put some actual skin in this game and crowdsource us to reproduce the footage.

The rate on offer is $500 bucks an hour (USD) – not including render-times, theses are at a rate yet to be determined. Minimum commission is for 10 hours work, 35% of minimum up from with balance of minimum due after 10 hours completed: principal of commission due on delivery, not acceptance.

These are our terms, take them or give the VFX artist disparaging a skip. We will petition admin to issue cool-outs to people not keeping respectful tongues in their heads if we see a continuation of this infraction, it’s not acceptable – we’re the people actually putting the time and effort into the analysis – most of you people are just sitting on your arses the same as usual.

Questions – argue amongst yourself. This our business, our rules – take the terms or leave them…

Don’t make out the offer wasn’t made if you do.

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