Hello everyone, first poster here. Just saw and recorded this in the sky and need your help on what that could have actually been. To describe how it looked with a naked eye: The sky was much darker than in the videos and the iPhone brightened that up a bit, which also seems to show a dark object in between the flashes. I know it looks much like a plane at first glance, but we have multiple planes flying over our head at any minute and besides the regular flashing it looked nothing like a plane at all. The flashes where as if someone would point a focused strong camera flash directly at you from the sky, only white light. First it hovered for a minute at the exact same position until it moved a bit to the left and started hovering again. Then it shot of to another direction to the right at high speed and vanished. It also seemed much closer to the ground than any plane or helicopter and made no noise. Me and my girlfriend are speculating and think maybe it could have been some kind of drone? Has someone seen something like that and knows what this could be? Thank you very much in advance.

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