We’ve had an influx of posts and comments today from users who are seeing their submissions regarding recent events related to UFOs be removed or result in bans from other subreddits. While we understand this is extremely frustrating, we cannot permit posts or comments which directly or indirectly encourage brigading of other subreddits as it will lead Reddit shutting down r/UFOs.

Here is the relevant portion of Reddit’s guidelines:

Rule 3: Respect Your Neighbors

While we allow meta discussions about Reddit, including other subreddits, your community should not be used to direct, coordinate, or encourage interference in other communities and/or to target redditors for harassment. As a moderator, you cannot interfere with or disrupt Reddit communities, nor can you facilitate, encourage, coordinate, or enable members of your community to do this.

Interference includes:

Mentioning other communities, and/or content or users in those communities, with the effect of inciting targeted harassment or abuse.

Enabling or encouraging users to violate our Content Policy anywhere on the Reddit platform.

Enabling or encouraging users in your community to post or repost content in other communities that is expressly against their rules.

Showboating about being banned or actioned in other communities, with the intent to incite a negative reaction.

Please refrain from posts and comments of this nature, as they can directly result in actions taken against the subreddit if we are not able to remove them quickly enough. If you see them, please report them immediately.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please feel free to post them in r/ufosmeta.

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