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It’s getting tiring to browse this sub only to see it littered with shaky, blurry videos of things that can easily be identified as birds, birthday balloons, or other random Earthly things.

“I got this crazy video of a rotating cube!” turns out just to be a dollar store birthday balloon twisting in the wind. “I got a video of a shape shifting UAP!” and it’s literally just a bird flying against the wind and flapping its wings a bit. 🤦‍♂️ Most reasonable people can tell within 30 seconds of watching the video.

I get it. Many of us here are very fixated on the subject of UAP in our skies (and oceans) and cognitive bias is bound to make our minds play tricks on us. We need to be more diligent about acknowledging our own biases and being diligent to look for the more likely explanations of what we’re seeing before we go on to call it a UAP. Most credible UAP sightings share a pattern of certain anomalous movements that no human made craft are capable of.

Please stop flooding this sub with videos of birds and party decor adrift in the wind. It’s making us look like lunatics and taking attention away from actual credible sightings.

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