Apologies in advance for the format, bad English is my only language, and I’m long winded here. I can hear you already “Bots/shill are overused to attack people for being skeptical”, “The disinfo campaign is all the debunkers/skeptics”, and my personal favorite “This is all a big distraction from real issues.” 80 years of gaslighting people will cause issues.

Disclaimer: I’ve seen UAP relatively close and I’m skeptical of all of it. I don’t need convincing on any front. It’s my opinion we are being visited and it stops there for me because the waters are so filled with mud I don’t know which way is out. I do like speculating from time to time. It (the disinformation campaign) is meant to divide us by design. It holds no political party, religion, gender, or name. You can see it work in real time however. They aren’t playing go-fish. It would be foolish to play one narrative from just one side. They will play whatever side is best to keep us guessing, infighting, and wasting our time on fruitless efforts. It can be difficult to know where it stops and grifters begin. I could imagine some grifters could be approached and offered “inside info”, money, and other compensation (free bot army to boost followers). Just a few thoughts of speculation. I don’t have answers here, just more questions. I also know as long as we’re fighting each other we aren’t spending our time outing the program. Some of us are waiting on the government. The same government that lets trillions “go missing” and doesn’t hold an investigation publicly to find out where it went. I am waiting for some things, but I’ll tell you how I’m not waiting. I’m not waiting for them to tell me what the truth is and what that means. I want to know what they will tell me they know and I’ll make my own judgements from there. We need to work together is where I’m going with this. I believe the Disclosure Party is a step in the right direction. If we are, at the very least, United in annoying our representatives with the question “Where is our damn money going!?” That is something everyone can get behind. TLDR Not everyone skeptical/believer is a bot. We need skepticism for all and faith in each other. So we can expose the frauds and the unexplained wherever they are. Relevant links:

Strong evidence for Sock puppet accounts https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/s/UBADwyWWjZ

Bots and the disinfo campaign https://www.reddit.com/r/aliens/s/kgxcjjUSwA

Bots and how to identify https://www.reddit.com/u/tyrannosnorlax/s/YCxQumnaPh

Bot pattern around mh370 posts https://www.reddit.com/r/ufo/s/C5lrQoWj6S

Worth mentioning Sancorp LLC hired to deal with whistleblowers



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