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Just had an experience I had completely forgot about when discussing all this ufo stuff with my mother. Growing up on a military base my father would ship out to Alert for months at a time. He would tell me the coolest stories about the nonstop days and nights. Flying in and out but left out any of the work he did. I know he spoke a few languages and would read me morse code chatter you could pick up on certain frequencies when I was a kid.

We were talking about everything that’s come out recently and she just non challantly mentioned how one day he came home and my mom asked him if he believed in aliens. He told her yeah of course and went on explaining how they regularly picked up their communications or interactions with them by humans. He would log it and send it to higher ups but never cared to much.

Just thought it was neat and hadn’t thought about it in decades. And when I asked her the other day my mind was blown as she is not the type to believe this stuff.

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