Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up 95% of the (observable) Universe — Can UAP help us explain those dark energies?

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Now, keep in mind I have just consumed quite the sizable joint.

Thinking of Grusch’s statements regarding NHI/UAP and the possibility of interdimensionality. Could dark energy and dark matter be the makeup of the other dimensions? If so, the NHI are operating in a VASTLY larger space (95% dark energy/matter vs roughly 5% everything else).

Let’s imagine an example that we can wrap our brains around. We are 3d beings, operating in a forwards backwards, left right, up down world. A sheet of paper would be a 2d world, writing left to right top to bottom. You can’t write “off” the paper. But a 3d object can write “on” the paper. We can stack a ream of paper In the center of the room if we wanted to. We could put a printer in that room, some lights, maybe a fan. The paper can’t see that but it can sense that the light is on because it shines through the paper since it’s so thin.

Now extend that analogy in one additional spacial dimension. NHI could possibly be interacting with many stacks of what we think of as universes because it powers something or whatever else. They can come in here and interact with the room, stack rooms and make office buildings and city’s and towns and they can enter and exit those rooms as they please. And hell, they can also write on paper!

We as 3d folks stuck in that room can’t fathom a way to exit the room just like the 2d writing on paper can’t fathom a way to write on something other than itself. But wait. We can hear rushing air in the vents and foot steps outside. We can infere from. The AC coming in that energy exists outside of us. It actually makes up most of the world. We’re just this tiny 5% room in a huge office building. Or more realistically we are just 3 dimensions of a 4+ dimensional universe who can’t fathom existence outside of ourselves but we’re just as interesting as a sheet of paper in the grand scheme of things to UAP.

Perhaps an ant colony thing that people used to have on their desks would have been a better analogy?

Anyway. I’m high. Can anyone make sense of it?

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