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Reach is limited in 2023. Protests are censored, infiltrated, or criminalized. The algorithms that govern most of the websites we visit grant much advantage to channels that are heavily censored. Many are curious on this topic but may not have time to dig through the noise to find truth. Here are a few decentralized things you can do today to help truth gain reach in the coming years. Decentralization of efforts is important to guard against infiltration. Meetings and indecision can waste valuable time, getting active requires staying in action.

Find or Create Media

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Find, create, publish, and save files that help us towards truth. Like comparisons between statements made by US representatives and whistleblowers. Print the front page of your favorite government document and pass it around with a QR code to access the full one. Many options here; try to keep the content focused on truth from government officials rather than debate on NHI. Submit FOIA requests for more documents or conversations between officials. The burden of proof has shifted to governments. Fingers are pointed to the right places, hold the elected accountable towards a truthful and thorough investigation.

Broadcast Media

Go out! Find people! Pass out print materials at large events, it’s fair season! Start a direct mail campaign to constituents in districts with consolidated power like those member to the “Gang of Eight”. Buy ads on your favorite website, large or small. Reach as far as you can afford or raise money. Call or email hyper-local media sources like newspaper, radio, and TV. Many local places are struggling and will welcome the business. Often this is cheaper than most think. Hire or convince social media influencers to do a segment promoting truth in government. Post and engage consistently. This is a war for truthful information. Many actors are paid to spread division and derail conversations. The more people active, regardless of the way the “upvotes” go, the better.

Helpful Links

Keep Others Focused and Active

Campaigning for truth is no easy task but with focus we can prevail. Try to recognize most things as speculation but evidence to push forward for fact. Help others out of illusions of debate and division and into action for truth. It does not matter where in the world you are, you likely have a government and community you can campaign for truth within. Over classification and unjust secrecy is a global issue, we can all get involved.

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