Let’s take it away form UFOs for as it’s too personal.

Imagine if you were in charge of a multinational bank. One day someone comes to you and says:

‘Sir, we’ve lost 10,000 USD from one of our bank volts, no break in signs, no traces found, CCV camera’s one minute show the money in stacks, next frame it’s all gone. We have no explanation of what’s happening, there is no evidence of tampering’.

Would your first instinct be to go public with this information and guess it’s ghosts or potentially ET?

I think most people would suppress the information for now until they’ve got a better understanding of what’s going on as to not spook investors.

Let’s then say years go by and the same thing happens again, Do you go to the press talking about people walking through walls?

No you’d probably get experts behind the scenes, with signed NDAs trying to figure out what’s going on. I’m sure you’d get 100 experts with 100 different answers to what’s wrong, what then?

Let’s say in one case you find a weird metal shaped orb with a symbol on it lying next to where the stacks of money were. Go to the press?

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