Discussion on “Mass Contacts” by Stefano Breccia

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What do we think of this book? And his other work “Amicizia”?

Regardless of what you believe, it is extremely entertaining and fulfills a desire to believe that something as crazy as what he claims really exists.

I want to offer a few points to help guide the discussion that really stuck out to me.

Similarity in sightings/description Pre YouTube-ian Explosion

One compelling fact for me is that his book predates the explosion of YouTube. Yes, I. know it came out in 2005, but it had nowhere near the level of content it does now. Many of the things he references I can recall from videos or other interviews I’ve seen that have no relation to Breccia. Of course, they could all be pulling from the same source or group think is naturally gravitating to some core embellishments, but still I think this corroboration of stories and description across completely different perspectives is worth noting.

Things I loved about the book

The existence of “CTR’s”

These are what he calls “Contraries”, which be claims (through knowledge given to him by the non-earth beings he interacted with, the W56’s) were constructed by another non-human group as a slave population in biblical times. These CTR’s don’t have souls and are bent on killing W56’s. (can’t remember why). I thought this was interesting as it offers a “fun” explanation for the modern day NPC and people who appear void of any emotion and are simply acting their role in society.

Casual Explanation of Wolf 424 Being’s Initial Landing

I appreciated the story about how Wolf 424 beings first came to Earth, I thought it was a more relaxed explanation as it was just a group of beings who were scouting Earth.

Underground Bases

This is fairly common in today’s knowledge as well. Claims of underground or underwater bases are pretty widely believed in the community. I have never heard an explanation as to “how” though, and I thought his explanation of their technology was cool, even if it is only sci-fi. He claims that they have a device that essentially just pushes out earth from all around it and compacts it as it pushes. So, when it pushes out 1000 feet, let’s say, the walls are made up of insanely dense walls from the 1000 feet of soil that was compacted.

Thoughts of the Writing Style

The writing style feels genuine and I thought his concessions were honest too. Assuming the things he claims are “true”, I didn’t think his writing style showed an egregious amount of embellishment, everything was more matter of fact.

Universal Truths

I like the idea that all these alien races, after achieving the pinnacle of technological advancement, all come to the same moral/ethical conclusions. This makes sense to me, that at the absolute peak of knowledge or understanding there is some “law” for morality just as there is for physics. The “non-involvement” law makes sense to me too as to why aliens can’t directly intervene in society. It’s a convenient “out” but I also think it makes sense. If they were to contact us, who would they contact? Which country? Christian or Muslim country? This could imply favoritism for that country/religion. The military? If so, which General? etc etc…. this agrees with me.

Some Problems with the Book

Origin of Man

I thought his “origin of man” and the extraterrestrial origin story (on their home planet) was way too simplistic of a history. Maybe this is just me wanting to hear more about their history.

Picture of his car in the photo section

There is a picture of his car in the photo section that is CLEARLY photoshopped. Like, why would he do that? I will attach this photo in the comments, but it’s CLEARLY fake

Footnotes were all over the place

Many of the footnotes and references were not aligned, like they just didn’t match up. Idk, just seemed kinda sloppy.

Sci-Fi Book-esque

Some of the details he chooses to focus on remind me of peculiar details that sci-fi authors will focus on in their stories. Like something trivial you don’t think needs over-explaining will get over-explained. I felt that a few times in this book, while other things I was like “woahhhh please say more”.

Also quite a few times he was like “explaining exactly how would require too many pages” or something like that.


The landing in 1950 by the Wolf 424 beings I’m assuming were not the beings that originally landed here thousands of years ago. So, are these Wolf 424 beings of a lesser intelligence, since he claims that “aliens” view Earth as a mother planet. So does Wolf 424 not know that, since they learned of our existence through a radio signal we sent out?

Does anybody fully understand the timeline of the alien involvement on Earth? From the beings he claims we are descended from up to the Wolf 424 landings?

Does anybody have any more info on this guy and this W56 group?

Do you believe this really happened? Were his colleagues reputable? Anything debunked recently?

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