Does anyone else feel certain folk like Jeremy Corbell are plants, and does this feel like a hand crafted version of (slow) disclosure?

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Sorry for the long post but please bare with me on this. I’ve put a tl;dr at the bottom

First will address my feeling about Corbell. EDIT: i’d also like to add that i’m also verrrry open to the valid point made in the comments that he is just a grifter. that would also add up. made some money in real estate, and used that to PUSH HIMSELF front and center, then just keep the spotlight on himself for reasons of self interest.

I just feel he just kinda… emerged from nowhere. had budget to make a movie about lazar but did it and had the thing on netflix and then just instantly became a big goto UAP journo, i feel he kinda just appeared in the center.

It wasn’t like he was on the fringe like a lot of UAP people have been with podcasts and websites that gradually grew traction until they were well known by their own merits and consistency of quality. like TheBlackVaults – i feel that guy just persisted with his own project and caught a following as he’s very consistent and quite a credible source. No bullshit there.

Corbell just… appeared. and now is everywhere. half the news stations seem to be choosing him to talk and have done so even before the congressional hearing.

Even Ross Coulthard has a good public track record as an investigative journo, with his work on 7 News in Aus and being part of the group of investigative journos who worked on the panama or paradise papers story and has covered corruption in government and agencies in the past. His procession into the limelight is very easily traceable and his book is pretty great. i don’t get that uneasy feeling about coulthard, i feel he worked hard and ended up rightfully in the middle of the discussion.

Corbell mentioned in a recent podcast that came out like yesterday (LINK: ) that he’s never said it before but that his money comes from real-estate. Weird thing to just pull out of the hat. It reminded me of Bigelow who also just “got all his money from real estate”. It’s a very easy to brush of reason to have lots of money. but it takes money still to get that much money from real estate. His wikipedia just says he was big into martial arts and Yoga and had his own martial arts program he taught and did some consultancy from. but it’s not like he’s KNOWN as “that guy from the martial arts world” like we knew Tom Delonge as the guy from Blink 182. he was clearly very well known from his music. Corbell just seems to have been semi successful in martial arts for a while. Then just started having budget to make movies.

It’s just weird. I feel he is also quite disingenuous. He also seems HIGHLY media trained. look at his smile in every interview. while their asking quite damning questions he just does this very very media-friendly smile and often diverts from the question in the same way a very well trained politician would do who’d undergone intense media training.

Also the whole mojave triangle thing. It was blatantly discredited. You swallow your pride and move on when your video is debunked, especially if you’re constantly saying you need to take this topic seriously. but he kept pushing to try and give credit to a debunk. Then going back on his words out-right lying about what he’d claimed when it was right there in his previous podcast.

I’ve always found these efforts weaken the look of the movement and slow things. Like the inclusion of the night-vision triangle in the declassified videos, clearly a passenger plane filmed through a triangular night vision appateur. releasing that along with the tic-tac discredits the tic-tac by-proxy.

I’ve had that video often be the stopping point in many conversations with friends about UAP. that one or two of the videos pushed to the front are easily dismissable so the whole entire topic is null and void and not even worth discussion. (I’m not personally making any claims to know what it actually all is, my feeling personally is something is being hidden and we aren’t getting the truth about it. i’m not saying i have any idea what that thing is however)

But it kinda seems obvious, if the pentagon are still pushing back and not declassifying everything. then they’re not going to include the best videos as the ones to declassify. You’d throw in a few interesting but not smoking-gun shots and the inclusion of some easily discreditable ones would then slow all of the impact of even those down, which is exactly what happened. hell even the good ones were cropped short.

I dunno. I feel like we’re getting an intended slow-disclosure. that’s my feeling on it.

This has hardly not had effort behind it for years, the UFO movement is and always has been a large one. but suddenly around 2017, the other side started SLOWLY playing ball. And i feel like with declassification and the pentagon – nothing is an accident. Lue coming forward and being allowed to mention certain things and not certain other things. like he was cleared to discuss things to a certain extent but was also very clearly shown where the line not to cross is. and damn does he not cross it. this isn’t an attack at him, his intentions may well have been good and he did bring things forward. but someone above him also clearly set parameters around how far he could go with it. (please again im not attacking him, but the forces surrounding him)

It just feels to me like a slow, controlled disclosure. yes there are good forces included in this movement, like coulthard. but i feel that the speed that movement is made ultimately is being decided by the secret holders. and they’re allowing SLOW movement. but no significant smoking gun.

It also makes me feel that even when we do reach a state we can consider “full” disclosure. they’ll have had such a hand in how it’s framed by then due to rolling it out slowly, that kinda allows them to gradually frame the narrative as they go along. So even when we finally get there, i imagine it’ll be their version. something like “they’re out there and damnit we just can’t work it out” when perhaps really they have worked it out/successfully reverse engineered it and want to keep as much of that tech under wraps as possible. and it’ll be rolled out as an unbreakable mystery. all the while sitting on perhaps things as significant as groundbreaking steps in producing energy. as if these craft are real they are clearly not operating on combustion of traditional fuel. also there is SO SO much unimaginable amounts of money behind keeping us on this track of using our current fuels. It’s not a force to take lightly.

This goes on a bit and i appreciate anyone who has read all of this. I want to reiterate i am making no conclusions myself. i just have feelings and opinions, i am open to all outcomes. i don’t want to prove any one outcome to be real. I simply want to know that the information i get is truthful and to stop being obscured from that information if it exists. And now, i’d like to hear your thoughts on these topics

Thank you

tl;dr does anyone else feel like corbell is a plant as he emerged from nowhere and became front and center without a history in journalism like coulthard etc, and if not do you at least feel like disclosure has been chosen and is being crafted into a chosen version of disclosure instead of happening naturally

EDIT: i’d also like to add that i’m also verrrry open to the valid point made in the comments that he is just a grifter. that would also add up. made some money in real estate, and used that to PUSH HIMSELF front and center, then just keep the spotlight on himself for reasons of self interest.

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