I’ve found a few military/government whistleblower types through YT pages like Greer’s and other places on the internet discussing what they are, including a good amount of info from the 4chan leaker. It seems like these things are collecting reconnaissance when they are lighting up, essentially shifting into some kind of intel mode… 4chan leaker described it in good detail but I’ve come across a few other videos on youtube and I can’t remember who was discussing it now. Does anyone have any info on what these pulsating orbs are or what they are doing? Videos or write ups from credible sources?

Been seeing them behind my house for years, including a sighting that involved what I thought was teleportation and another where one shifted from looking like a plane to a pulsating orb that ascended far into space very quickly (at least that’s what it looked like). Those experiences were pretty amazing so I’d like to know more.

Here’s one of the sightings I had: https://youtube.com/shorts/H_oCCdOVnXM?feature=share been like this off and on… Black Hawks going North towards Boston in the directions of these UAP’s and them come back the opposite way sort of toward Fall River area. Almost a decade of listening to their loud ass helicopters shaking my house about 3 times a day. You think people would notice stuff like that but really they don’t… it’s just air space noise. It’s there for a minute and gone the next… also hearing loud bangs like “boring tunnel” type thuds that shake the ground and foundation on my house. I feel all of it is connected.

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