Enough talk, lets get the UFO ecosphere celebrities in front of congress

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I cant stand it any longer. All this talk how everyone of them has seen or is in possession of “paradigm shifting, shocking evidence of extra terrestrials and cover ups”. They have seen it all but cant share or tell because of their “NDA” or witness protection and “high ethics”. I mean we are talking about the single most important discussion on earth but sure, keep it to yourselves because you promised someone or will go to jail. Weird how none of the reporters sharing the material of Snowden went to jail hu…

Seriously, Coulthart Elizondo Corbell Mellon etc and all these other talking heads just need to stop it.

Whenever they showed something, it wasnt “shocking” at all. Mellon presented a party balloon at the TTSA press conference, Corbell presented some stars looking like triangles when viewed with a specific night vision camera etc

Coulthart is executing the same gameplay as Elizondo. Just making claims without showing any evidence.

Knapp and Lazar claim to have burried element 115 and a video. The video evidence was re recorded with a footage of the golden girls. Bro seriously? Thats “my non existent dog ate my homework” level of excuses. Absolutely ridiculous.

Lazar alone could end the whole debate by presenting his stable 115 but he wont because of what?

I am 10000% convinced that every single one of them would immediately share their undeniable proof the second they lay their hands on it.

Everyone of them releases information as often as they can to make themselves relevant, get clicks, tv show invitations or sell stuff. All talk about disclosure and witnesses etc but none of them shows the “smoking gun” evidence that they are talking about.

Now it looks as if the hearings will be canceled, if not now then when? Come forward, show what you got! Stand by the side of Grusch and support him with all the evidence and footage that you know of instead of letting him look like a lunatic to people outside of the ufo ecosphere.

Its the same shit since 50 years, just different actors. It works so well because the hardcore ufo community worships and trusts their heros indefinitely and never ever hold them accountable for their claims.

If someone like Mick West shows evidence and the methods on how we can actually calculate the speed and height of the gofast footage, then we scream shill and paid dysinfo agent and call him delusional and completely biased. On the other hand we trust all these guys because they look seriously in a camera and tell us to “trust me bro”. Because why would they lie? They are just true patriots and advocates for free information (that they just demand from others but dont follow they own standards).

If you have something of value, show it. If you dont, just shut up.

“I can tell you the most ridiculous stuff but cant show you proof because of my NDA. Its OK for the DoD if i tell you that they have top secret programs and aliens burried in bunkers but i cant tell you what i have seen on a video haha you understand haha”

“I have a source that is showing ME shocking evidence but neither them or me will release it because its dangerous” Yeah shut up, then why should your source show it to you in the first place if you cant do anything with it. whats the damn point?

Grifters are just as bad as the people hiding stuff that should be public knowledge

these guys make 1000 claims, then people see something in a video and go through all these thousands of claims until they find something that might be a fit “ah maybe the white blob is fuzzy because of gravitational lensing and quantum entanglement. woah this guy talked about it years ago!!”. they ignore all the other claims and hype their hero up to new heights.

which again gives them higher status and new stronger leverage to make the next 1000 claims.

we should 100% drag their asses in front of congress:

senator “mr elizondo, have you seen indisputable evidence of ET life with your own eyes?”

elizondo “mr senator, i cant talk about this because of my NDA”

senator “you can, heres the written letter by the us president that allows you to tell us everything. you are under oath though, if you lie you will go to jail”

elizondo “actually i wanna tell you in a SCIF because its dangerous for the public”

senator “yeah dont worry about that. now answer the question”

elizondo “well… the answer is complicated”

senator “yes or no mr elizondo”

elizondo “i dont feel well…”

senator “ok. fuck it. mr lazar?”

lazar “yea sir”

senator “are you in possession of element 115?”

lazar “well no. not anymore”

senator “but me grusch said you are”

lazar “my dog ate it unfortunately…”

senator “what is this… mr knapp, you said you have video proof of element 115 hovering. where is the tape?”

knapp “sir, i accidentally re-recorded it with an episode of the golden girls”

senator “the single most important video tape you own, that could be a total paradigm shift, and you recorded an episode of the golden girls with it?”

knapp “yes sir”

senator “unbelievable… mr delong.. you are the president of the TTSA, is that correct?”

tom “keep your head still”

senator “…what?”

tom “I’ll be your thrill”

senator “are you high, mr delong?”

tom “the night will go on, my little windmill”

senator “officer, could you please get mr delong out of here? thank you… Ok, Mr Greer”

greer “actually its DOCTOR Greer. I am a doctor”

senator “doctor greer. do you have evidence of aliens?”

greer “”

senator “doctor greer…?”

greer “”

senatoe “doctor greer!!?? what are you doing just sitting there?”

greer “ssshh… im meditating”

senator “why? please answer my question”

greer “im manifesting a ufo with my mind”

senator “are you serious?”

greer “its called CI5”

senator “wtf…”

greer “look, there it is! its shining bright, very bright! and its hovering!”

senator “that is our sun, dr greer”

greer “thats exactly what a dysinfo agent would say”

senator “damnit, i wish i was zapped out of existence right now by three flying orbs”

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