Europeans on r/UFOs: What is the situation in your countries? As citizens of the EU, how can we push for disclosure?

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I‘m from Germany and a new member of this sub. I have been following the UAP topic for decades and watch recent developments with great interest.

It might seem that the US have long been the most intransparent Western nation state in regards to the phenomenon (and otherwise). Additionally, the American public is said to be particularly desensitized by a decades-long disinformation campaign.

In Germany, the situation is even worse.

There is no FOIA and therefore no straightforward way to get my citizen hands on (formerly) classified material. Our alphabet soup agencies deny even the basic existence of any kind of phenomenon yet classify the heck out of documents concerning the very same thing that supposedly doesn’t exist. What‘s even worse is the strong societal stigma attached to the subject. For as long as I remember, talking publicly about the subject was a one-way ticket to Nutso Land. Even now, most people stare at me as if they were looking for a MAGA face tattoo whenever I bring up UFOs or NHI. As a result, only a few dedicated private researchers and a boatload of quacks even bothered to look at the topic. I have to applaud certain German universities that are now beginning to take the subject seriously. But at a societal level, awareness and engagement remain lamentably low. Even recent developments failed to motivate either the German media or the general public to take a closer look and ask the pertinent questions.

The worst thing is: No German government has ever been seriously met with questions about the topic. UFOs simply don’t register as a real-world concern around here. A couple of years ago a German Ufologist I don‘t necessarily endorse went to a press conference where some Merkel era heavy hitters were attending. He asked a few solid questions and was basically laughed at for flashing his tinfoil hat at serious adults conducting serious business. And that is that.

As always, this issue is in need of a multinational approach. I‘m aware that multinational approaches are often lackluster and even more often fail to materialize at all. Regardless, I’d like to ask the European members of this sub: How is the situation in your countries? Is anyone aware of how to best apply pressure on the EU? We are all Europeans, and this would be a chance to act as such. What‘s more, the EU could use a healthy dose of accountability and transparency. Anyone willing to help me out finding a way to contribute?

Thanks for (maybe) reading this. Keep this sub going, I have seen some competent thinkers around here. Skeptics and believers alike.

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