Air Force colonel and combat pilot Fernando Cámara , released the declassified report about a UFO in the town on the Costa Tropical of Granada. It was in November 1979, when a pilot had to make an intervention in the skies of Motril, where he verified how some children’s voices interfered with the indications coming from the control tower.

The declassified report from the Spanish Air Force receives the number 0130. This states that at around 6:45 p.m. local time on a day in November 1979, the warning was given for a pilot to go from Albacete to Motril when an intermittent object was detected.

The pilot headed for the Granada coast to ascertain its nature, but found nothing. According to Cámara, in such a situation, the pilot received the notice to return to the base. On his return, citing the report, he saw in front of him three strong lights of identical color and intensity in the shape of an isosceles triangle. When he tried to get closer to those lights, some childish voices interfered in the communicator to speak for half a minute. Hello how are you. Hello, hello, the pilot heard.

After revealing the file, Cámara made the decision to tell the version himself. It is there where he assures that the plane was flying almost at the speed of sound, when he suddenly sees to his right how another plane overtakes him from the bottom up as if it had the afterburner on.

The pilot notifies the control tower but they assure him that there is no record. He also sees how he goes to those three lights to the point of being able to see a giant surface, similar to Torre España in a horizontal position, and in which the object that overtook him meddles. It is at that moment that he heard the voices asking him who you are and why are you following us for about thirty seconds, he assured.

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