During a recent podcast interview, the former white house press secretary was asked about how privy she was to confidential information regarding UFOs, and her response included two points that are key to communicate to skeptics….

The need to know security clearness. This point comes up quite often regarding how many people need to keep it quiet, if the government had UAP/NHI crafts and technology… it’s a very small select of people, even majority of government officials with top secret clearness may never get access. Psaki clearly indicates she wasn’t included on the alien/UFO portfolio, which is very different from saying something like “no, there isn’t any alien/UFO information”.

“I will say, I had a lot of access to classified information. But there’s this thing called need to know, and if you don’t need to know, you don’t necessarily have access to it. I wasn’t on [the] alien portfolio, UFOs

~Jen Psaki – Former White House Press Secretary During an interview on the “Smartless” podcast ep. 164 recorded July 11th, 2023. at 37:25

I hope this is something folks can find interesting. For majority of this community this is common knowledge, but now that we are having conversations with “normies”, I feel this is a good tidbit to share.

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