Sorry for the shaky filming, I appreciate this isn’t the best video but I was trying to watch them at the same time without looking at the screen. Has anyone seen anything like these before? They’re not fireworks, there were no noises and they were too big and were there for too long. I saw about six, they didn’t disappear behind cloud or anything it looked like they burnt out, they almost sputtered and faded then just disappeared. No more than two at the same time, six in total. Definitely not planes. They were moving upwards in the sky until they disappeared. Each was probably there for about ninety seconds before disappearing, but each disappeared at different heights, some lower and some higher, and they moved in different directions too, one moved upwards towards me and one moved upwards and to the right diagonally. They each moved in a linear fashion, no moving from side to side, kind of like shooting stars. I zoom in and back out in the video too so also sorry for that, as know I it is not a very clear video/easy to watch. Not sure what I saw but any input very much appreciated 🙏🥰

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