I live in Raleigh NC and saw a ufo upclose about 7 yrs ago. I recently decided to take a look at NUFORC and try to see if any of the reports possibly matched my description and I found at least 2 that described what I’m pretty sure is the exact same craft as me. What stood out to me was how the described the Ufo as having a green flourecnt aura as well as leaving a trail behind it. Which is exactly what I saw. I was so distraught over what happened to me that I couldn’t remember exactly how the craft looked, but after reading that so.eone said it was a rounded triangle it actually jogged my memory and that would also be my best description of it. I would encourage anyone who has seen a ufo to try and co pare it to other siting around the area and try to get a general idea on what everyone is seeing around there.

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