Hello, Everyone. This is GrimZeigfeld (OP of the image Ross Coulthart recently retweeted). I think we need to talk

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Hoping this doesn’t get removed by the mods for being off topic (it isn’t, I’ll explain) or told to be put on r/ufosmeta (which as of now, has only 654 members, or 0.00044% of our sub).

This will be a discussion about our UFO community, and what UFO content we get to put on that community, and I would like to have that conversation with the people who are actually in it. Not buried in a mega thread or a placeholder sub (see the dead e-mail addresses mentioned in the congressional hearing), but on our actual home turf. This is a conversation I think we all need to have to finally clear the air between all of us, regardless what side of the recent issues we each stand on.

The people on this sub should get to decide what they see in this sub. I only ask that you give this post a chance for us to do that.

TL;DR An example: My video frame analysis of the airliner video was posted last night, and was met with a popular reception (250 upvotes and 120 comments in an hour). Then it was removed by the mods an hour later for not being in the mega thread. 12 hours later, Ross retweets it, and then suddenly my post is unlocked, back on the main page, and a subject of interest again. Why? Because Ross liked it? Who decides what we get to see on this sub?

After that post was locked by the mods, I was told to put it on the mega-thread, where it was subsequently buried. Today, 12 hours later, Ross Coulthart retweeted my image, that post gained traction, and then suddenly, my post was unlocked again. That raises this question:

Why? 12 hours ago, posts about that airliner video were all locked and redirected. And now, today, they are the top 3 posts on this sub? Some points:

If the concerns are that those posts are flooding this subreddit, does that not mean that these posts are of interest to the people in this subreddit? They can’t flood the top of this sub if they aren’t being upvoted more than they’re being downvoted. Isn’t that how communities are supposed to work? Say everyone did actually want all these posts to go away. Then why are we allowing them today and not yesterday? in the future, what other topics can we expect this treatment with? If a topic becomes too popular, like Grusch (who is not a UFO), or legislation (not a UFO), will those posts also start to become locked and moved away from the main sub? If so, I would really like for someone to explain why someone other than the majority gets to decide that

If this is a topic we are allowed to talk about, then great. Can we then stop locking and removing and moving them to places other than our public square?

If there are topics we are not allowed to talk about, that can’t exist on our main page, then fine. Can we adhere to that, and not cherry-pick the posts that get to be seen with all the others?

Again, I want this to be a discussion. I love this sub, and I want it to be open to everybody. There are people on all sides of this who have been frustrated, not to mention the mods, who I know are doing their best to keep up with all of this and manage peoples expectations (it’s part of why I think this sub is the most legitimate on this subject). I think this post here would be a really good opportunity for us to all clear the air about all of this and establish some ground rules moving forward.

Again, I hope this post is allowed to stay, and if it does, I’m really looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts on this matter. Is this something other people are feeling? Am I full of shit? Am I a lizard person from the Elgin deep state here to trick you all into arguing about that god damned plane again?

I want us to get it all out there (in a civilized manner for the love of god). Bonus if we get a shout out from the mods as well. Anyways, Thanks.

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