Hello all

this is my first time ever posting in this subreddit,

summary: 4 objects were flying in a very strange way, that was back in 2014 in Amman, Jordan, the reason i didn’t post it since then is, i didn’t really think anyone would take it seriously and i got busy moving to a different country right about that time then forgot about it till i recently joined this subreddit.

it was shot on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (i think – not 100% sure but it was a samsung) and i saw it got overwhelmed by the way these objects were moving then remembered to take a video of it.

a screenshot at T1: https://imgur.com/BzdpGYv

a screenshot at T2: https://imgur.com/a/G9AvoV3

Comparing T1 & T2 side by side: https://imgur.com/a/uVDfuMU

in this google drive folder, there are two files, the original file from my phone, and an enhanced/cropped/stabilized version using iMovie, i am not an expert in video processing but i just looked up the basics to do it. the file named ‘2014-03-24 13.45.35.mp4’ is the original file.

Please help me make the original video clearer, as i stated earlier i am no expert in video processing but wanted to share this with the community, Thank you all.

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