I recently talked with a high level source who confirmed the US government has been covering up non-human UAP for a long time because 1) we do not know what they are, and 2) we can not defend ourselves from them if needed. Also, the US government has been working on tech that’s not public.

If you found this post, you probably already believe. I am only sharing because my belief level was 51%, and now I’m at 99% based on who the person is, how long they’ve been involved, the absence of reason to lie to me, and who they know.

For anyone trying to understand what is going on, take this post as another data point in the “we’re not alone” bucket. Don’t read any more into it than that, and don’t waste your time replying with objections because I do not care. Stay curious, and make your own decisions as we learn more.

On a personal level, I’m fascinated by what we are learning and I respect that it is profound enough that we have to be thoughtful about how we disseminate information for many reasons.

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