How Can Congress Get Access To The Information Grusch Talked About

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Main issue for congress right now is to even get access to the information Grusch talked about. Here is rather crazy idea how they could go about it to get access to it, have more people look at the information and possible have way to declassify at least some of it.

“Burchett charges Grush of prejury ( lying under oath ), it goes to investigation. Grush pleads not guilty. It goes to a Trial and all the classified information has to be brought to the trial, so it can be investigated. At the very least, congress can look at everything. Would be either massive public trial with a lot of media attention or private one. The trial would end up confirming what he said with more media coverage and going into more detail or at the very least congress and more people in the government get access to all the information Grusch has. If they would force it to not go to trial, it also confirms he is saying truth.”

( suggested by user Mr_E_Monkey in a conversation we had in comments, good call )

Edit: From what I remember from Coulthart, Grush asked officially to disclose the info and was ready to get declined. In which case he was ready to take it to trial. They realized that’s likely to happen and allowed him to disclose it in much more controlled way this way, where he can’t say much. That’s why he was allowed to disclose some of it. Ie damage control. If it went to trial this way, much more info would likely ( probably ) get out. It seems a bit out there to charge your own guy of a perjury, but if you know he speaks truth and it’s a way to get more information out, I guess why not. If he was up for it.

Edit2: One of main current issues is that congress was not able to get the SCIF. They still dont have access to the information Grusch talked about. In most recent interviews they still talk about getting stonewalled, not being able to talk to Grusch any further and only further development was them signing letter and asking ICIG to get the information as they can’t get it.Having show trial where they charge Grush of prejury, probably even openly admitting they do it so they can get to the information would be a way for them to get access to the information ( who are the people, locations etc ). If some of it would get out, great, altho unlikely as it is all classified. Still more people would be exposed to the information during the trial and it would be probably easier for them to unclassiffy something in a legal way. Perhaps.

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