How Can We Push for Disclosure? Brainstorming Ideas for Collective Action

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TLDR: This post is to share ideas on how we can work together to bring about disclosure using collective action. If we work together and organize, we can force our governments to tell us the truth.

Achieving disclosure is going to require more than just whistleblowers and a select few. We need to work together through collective action to bring about change.

Most people think that the average citizen has no power to bring about social and governmental change, but that is a lie. Look at the Civil Rights Movement. Look at the Solidarity movement in the USSR. Look at Gandhi in India. It is possible to make sweeping societal change so long as we work together as a unit to bring that change about.

This post is for people to make good faith recommendations on how we as a group can push the government towards disclosure – whether they like it or not. Based on previous historical examples, here are some suggestions:

A collective march (see the Salt March and the March on Washington). We get people together and we march to a significant place as a collective in order to raise awareness and to push for disclosure. Perhaps to D.C. or to a place where we suspect these programs are happening (e.g. as close as lawfully possible to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base).

A general strike (see Solidarity in the USSR). We as a group announce that we will be conducting a general strike for a certain amount of time until disclosure happens. We will not work, we will not show, we will not slave away so long as they have tech that could better our lives. We instead meet up to help each other to make sure we’re okay for the duration of the strike.

A voting pledge to ONLY vote for pro-disclosure candidates (I hate to use this example, but the anti-abortion movement used this effectively). We pledge not to vote for any candidate unless they are pro-disclosure and have a plan with DEADLINES and DELIVERABLES to bring disclosure about.

Spread awareness and get highly regarded and respected people to “come out”. There is a stigma about this issue much like there was a stigma against certain groups throughout history. We should use those as examples of how we can overcome that stigma and encourage people to at least be open to the idea (e.g. getting respected and highly regarded people to “come out” and admit that they think NHI are real). We will also probably need some meme magic (see APES STRONG and the Gamestop silliness).

These are just four things we could all do together to try and start pushing the government towards disclosure. They’re also a lot more pro-active than just politely asking the government to feed us their scraps.

Alone we are weak, but together we are strong. We, the citizens of the world, are the reason why society doesn’t fall apart. We make the trains run on time. We are the reason these politicians have their seats and their salaries.

No more NHI birdwatching. No more blurry videos. Let’s work together and force these assholes to give up the goods. And in the words of Ross Coulthart, who is a good egg as far as I can tell: “Fuck em!”

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