Like many of you, my genuine belief in aliens was quickly followed by an obsession with conciousness and the after life. Curiosity quickly led to despair, but my own personal theory after many months of researching kinda made things a lil better even if i dont fully believe it myself sometimes. So if you’re anxious about your place in the universe, this may help you. Apologies for the awful writing style and poor grammar (working on it).

a lil theory before the actual theory (skippable):

maybe we hold more matter in this dimension thereby giving most our energy here and less energy in the other dimensional set. that would make it so we have more influence in our reality but when we cross we lose a lot of power cuz we still need to hold onto our connection to our mortal flesh in the other dimension. okay so then when aliens come here use they manipulate spacetime right. those aliens i think are like us and have most of their matter here that’s why they can harm us. then theres aliens who phase in n out our reality as they change how much their energy ratio is split between dimensions, momentarily creating a physical form in our reality and those r the more spooky ones

the theory:

u have the soul. there is a soul world or its called conciousness stream, the one or whatever. in there ur pretty powerful and u lounge freely with others in the one conciousness. in this form u cant physically alter anything in the universe, u can only imagine what u want and it can or cannot have an impact on other indvidualized souls depending on consent prolly. that sounds pre fun but its sorta like playing ur own videogame. if u made it and know exactly how every lil thing goes, it only really serves a purpose of communications with other sentient life, otherwise theres not much experience to gain. how much can u learn from ur own imagination. usually ppl spend time in fantasy land to get a break from reality. you know ots awesome but you also put value in lower levels of concious experience. i mean if u had the option to do so why not? theres prolly all the time in the world. so u decide okay for a certain time imma become biological but to do so u lose ur powers in the soul universe as u need to occupy ur flesh body. if u had memory of the conciousness stream then again it serves no purpose, ur here to read a book. to experience it as best u can for whatever it is. ur not here to move in, maybe thats why we’re not immortal. and it would make sense that achieving immortality would cut u off from the concious stream. when u watch a show u dnt wanna be reminded ur at home on ur couch. u wanna be transported to another world. and a lotta us wish to become fully immersed with nerve gear ass tech. but theres still that difference where you know ur playing a game in vr despite how real the vr is. your held back by everything you experience irl so far, all ur insecurities, trauma, what have you, but that’ll likely come in the way of having a good time. look at vr chat and how it takes a lotta effort and time for ppl to open up. and then when u do ur still held back by ur experience. so allowing a clean slate ensures ur completely immersed in the book ur abt to read, its just that book is influenced by the page turns of other book readers, those before and even those after. but wait in vr chat ur just chilling talking abt real life n sometimes doing stuff u couldnt do irl. that kinda sounds like the conciousness stream. a place to talk about the books you experienced but its sorta like a choose ur own adventure book too. when ur in the universe its nothing personal, it doesnt matter anyways, everyone goes into the stream. so if someone fucked up ur book, would u carry that grudge on over. idk, maybe you do maybe you dont, but would u hate ur bestfriend for fucking ur partner in his dreams, i mean, nightmares??? prolly not so idk. regardless them aliens prolly sit back n let humanity go thru all the phases every other sentience life goes thru. some achieve longevity in expanding into thr universe, other lifeforms go extinct n never reach tht far. regardless its about freedom, not how u normally think of it, as free from external material oppression but freedom from urself, a momentary moment u can be sure isn’t influenced by ur past selves.

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