I believe the original 2017 UAP videos were chosen deliberately as a starting point for disclosure

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I’m not sure if this has been brought up before and I mentioned it in a different post but I don’t think that the three videos leaked and released through the New York Times in 2017 were a random selection of videos.

I believe there were several criteria they fit in order to be introduced as the first UAP footage to the general public: they had to be ambiguous, free from aliens, non-threatening and not disruptive to general UFO folklore. I lay out my logic below.

The videos are ambiguous

One video was filmed in 2004, the other two were from 2015. None of the videos show a clear view of what exactly is being tracked. Even in regards to the crafts’ speed, it is hard for a layman to understand the significance of what they’re seeing because the radar is locked on and you’re not looking at a traditional recording of the sky.

We know, most recently through comments made about footage at the Eglin Air Force Base, that there are shocking videos and/or pictures that the US military has. Although the Eglin video(s) may not have existed in 2017, I just wanted to illustrate the point that the military continues to capture clear evidence.

But those videos, which would be arguably the most conclusive and shocking, were not the ones leaked or shared through the NYT.

The videos don’t feature aliens

David Grusch has confirmed the US government has recovered non-human biologics, and I believe him. It is not hard to then believe that we have documented these biologic samples in picture and video. I also don’t think it is farfetched to believe that we have taken pictures or video of crafts with visible occupants (or landed crafts with non-human entities). Many people are fascinated about whether or not there is life in the universe besides ourselves.

But this revelation may challenge religious and societal views, as well as call into question our own place in this universe and what else could be out there. Thus, starting exposure to the UAP phenomenon with aliens would be like going from 0 MPH to over 100 for most people.

The videos shown don’t have any conclusive “proof” of alien life and, for most people, could be dismissed as swamp gas heading against the wind (haha, ok, maybe not swamp gas…).

The videos are non-threatening

In each of the videos we’re watching artifacts race through the sky and I think that’s important. They aren’t coming towards the military vehicles tracking them, they don’t seem to be probing them (heh) in maneuvers that seem like the focus is on an airplane or ship and there doesn’t seem to be any interest in the human-operated vehicles observing them at all.

I think this is an important aspect of each of these videos. The UAP are just minding their own business. The average person is not going to start wondering if intrusive phenomenon is something to worry about; there’s not a hint that there’s any interest in humans at all.

This is at odds with some of the testimony we’ve heard โ€” not that we’re at war with UAPs, but that they’re watching bases, popping up at rendezvous places in military training exercises and there are also decades of people claiming to have been abducted (which you may or may not believe).

Again, the videos show nothing of the sort and we also don’t hear any distress in the pilots’ commentaries. I think that is very deliberate.

The videos do not flip UFO folklore on its head

People are familiar with the concept of UFOs. Sometimes we see things high up in the sky and we wonder if it’s a plane, bird or Batman balloon. The general description of these things is that they’re something flying around overhead and we don’t know what they are.

What the average person may not consider is a UAP going from the air to the ocean, as seen in a leaked video released by Jeremy Corbell.

I think this did matter, as what people saw first would be more easily understood if it fit with pre-existing notions of what UFOs were and what they could do. Further revelations would be able to build on this later, but a foundation needed to be set

In closing

There may be other criteria people feel that these videos were in line with to make them good “first” official releases but I hope my argument for why I believe these may have been deliberately chosen is clear. I’d really love to hear what others think and whether some believe that all of these videos may have just been random!

Disclaimer: I don’t know if this has been discussed; I am more of a new-joiner following the Grusch revelations. These are just my thoughts and I apologize if they are just retreading well-trodden ground ๐Ÿ™‚ Have really enjoyed this community so far and its dedication to investigation.

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