I’ve been a long term lurker here, made a few comments here and there, but overall been very much a back seat viewer due to my sceptical outlook on the subject.

I’ve been interested in the subject since I was a kid, but I’ve always been dubious regarding any “evidence” given.

I’m in the UK, and havnt ever fully dived in the rabbit hole purely because most of the UFO documentaries tend to air on the edge of batshit crazy conspiracies.

The last 3 days changed everything tho. I’ve had a totally free weekend. The wife and kid have been away at the inlaws, and I stayed home due to feeling a little under the weather after having hand surgery, and not feeling very sociable. So, I decided to start watching some stuff, and this is what I have watched so far;

The Phenomenon.
Joe Rogan podcast with Ryan Graves.
Joe Rogan podcast with David Fravor.
Close encounters of the fifth kind (greer doc)
Joe Rogan podcast with Bob Lazar.
Grusch interview on newsnation.
The Congress Hearing.

And I’m in! with both feet. I finally, truly, 100% believe. And honestly, after years of wanting to believe, but my brain literally stopping me from being all in, I can finally say, I am a believer!

Now, what else should I watch, that I havnt already listed above?

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