I see so many people stressing out. Follow official data and facts. The rest is just a distraction. Stay calm et breath, people are working to present the truth to us in a factual way.

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We’re all eagerly waiting for the truth, some longer than others (thanks for your patience guys) But the truth is coming out, bit by bit, whatever it is. I know it’s fun to watch reports, to be obsessed with the subject to the point of watching any interview. ”who is right ? Why Ramirez and Kean refer to 2027? Delonge was right from the start? Maybe Greer isn’t all bullshit after all? Maybe a plane was teleported through a portal! You saw Obama’s bodyguard for sure it’s an NHI (yes, it came to that…but it’s nevermind!)by dint of being drowned in information and that the truth is long overdue, we absolutely want to look for the slightest little information that will make us crack the system.The fact is that we no longer need to look for the slightest clue, people are working right now to give them to us! Follow the scientific research, focus and see for sure what has been formalized! No unfortunately what Obama suggests maybe in a video doesn’t count. It is not tangible data with verifiable proof.

Please, watch a series or a documentary that you like, take your dog out, look at the sky, call your mother, I don’t know, but take care of yourself, life is good and people are not so mean as we believe.Focus on what really matters, YOU, the rest will follow as always.By the way, you saw that there will soon be a new hearing in Brazil (if I’m not being stupid about the country), it’s great! The congress is back to business in September, Loeb is going to publish his paper, and at the end of the year we should have the defense bill with Shumer amendment in it at the end of the year. Let’s focus on that, the rest is distraction. Rigor and analysis guys!

Ha and don’t forget to write (by hand!) to your representatives!

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