I think we need to discuss the elephant in the room, while we did get some mind blowing testimony from the now infamous hearing, there was a very..very..serious common theme. The misappropriation of funds most likely in the trillions of dollars of tax payer money going un-checked and without oversight.

Trust me I want to believe but I cannot get over the fact that this point was brought up and has been brought up several times, the world is on fire our government is in the shitter and our country is running a 32 trillion dollar deficit, and seems like the only way they can get the people to notice is to have a hearing about non-human biologics, reverse engineering programs and SAPs only to get you to see that DoD is a very big likely cause of trillions of said dollars. It seems like throwing ET’s into the story is to make this all interesting so our ears will perk up to the fact that congress is trying to do something about this and needs your help, our help.


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