I want to assemble a small team of professionals to collaborate and release a comprehensive analysis of the Airline/UAP Videos. Looking for applicants.

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First off, this might get taken down but I am unsure of a more appropriate location to post this. Secondly, you do not have to believe or not believe in the legitimacy of the videos. All I ask is that if you apply, you are 100% open to wherever our analysis leads. Lastly, I will to some degree be requesting proof of credentials to ensure the team is adequately equipped for this undertaking.

The goal of creating this team is to provide a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of all the aspects of the UAP Airliner video vetted from an array of professionals. Note, that from the starting position I will refrain from identifying these videos as related to MH370, as this team will start from a blank slate to ensure all information we find is properly sourced and cited. Through our independent research we will determine if we have the information to classify the videos in relation to a specific event or not.

The team will be split into multiple sub-teams specializing in specific elements of analysis. These teams will be:

Aerospace & Military

Geography & Weather

VFX & Physics


I am in the process of setting up a discord and collecting relevant reddit posts to give us some starting threads to pull at. I am also developing a process to store and organize our findings.

With all that said I think it is only fair that I also introduce myself. Who am I? I am honestly just a guy. I always believed in UFO phenomena of some sort but was pulled in, like many, during the recent revelations from whistle blowers in the US. I have a background in light VFX, art, and game design. I am currently employed as an eLearning Developer in Canada. My role in this analysis will be to start the process of finding a team, organize data, backup data, consult our professionals, write-up reports, and interact with the community to provide transparency and answers.

I hope this effort can provide clarity and consensus to what has become a divisive topic. If you are interested in applying to join please send me a DM with your credentials.

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