I’ve been rabbitholeing on Jacques Vallee. I love when scientists are involved because the legitimate ones are highly credible to me. When Vallee is asked some form of question regarding what this phenomenon is, there’s no science involved- it’s so philosophical I don’t understand.

I’m in the weeds but what is helping me is the book linked here. I have no affiliation with the book other than reading it. If White Hole Theory is correct there are infinite self replicating Universe. All things are possible down to the atom and even smaller if you believe in string theory which depends on multiple unknown dimensions to make the math work. I think string theory is more philosophical than scientific as I don’t know how it can be proven.

Anyhow, these Universes can have infinite iterations of dimensions that we cannot understand in our 4D universe and we will never understand them beyond hypothesizing they exist.

So when I hear Vallee, being in the existential weeds here, I hear we may never understand but perhaps what we are seeing are their way to explore the universe and they do it in ways we may understand but will never understand how they did it because they have a different operating system.

This is why we need 9/11 proof in this Universe, so we can accept whatever it is that’s happening and do what we can. Philosophically, we may never understand unless we figure out how to monitor other places in the multiverse.

Philosophically, and it must have been said before, this really feels like a simulation where infinite possibilities exist down to the atoms that control the direction a blade of grass grows. Existential crisis #16n

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