In 1968, Walter Rizzi claimed that he encountered a landed UFO and the NHI told him that a future crack in Earth’s crust under the Atlantic ocean would destroy the planet. In 2023 scientists are seeing strange shifting of the tectonic plates under the Atlantic ocean.

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Excerpt from the book “Alien Base” by British UFO researcher Timothy Good

During the Second World War, Walter Marino Rizzi served as an aircraft mechanic and as an interpreter for the Italian and German air forces. Later, he worked as a sales representative for a car firm in Bolzano, Italy, his territory including the Dolomite Mountains in the South Tyrol. At midnight one Saturday in July 1968,…..
‘There were always dense fog-banks, and more than once I had to stop because I couldn’t see the road. So I decided to stop at the first possible place and sleep in the car.’ After driving through the Grödner Pass, he found a suitable spot — a sand-dump beside the road — and settled down in his car for the night. At around 01.00, he awoke with a start. There was a strong smell of burning. Thinking that his Fiat 600 was about to catch fire, owing probably to a short-circuit, he checked the engine but found everything in order. While walking around the car, however, he noticed below him on the opposite side of the road, about 500 metres away, a powerful light shining through a gap in the fog.
The ‘saucer’ was a beautiful silver colour, about 70 to 80 metres in diameter, resting on three legs about two metres from the ground. The legs were about two metres in diameter at the base. Everything was bathed in a fleecy white light and there was an intense smell of burning. As soon as I got within three metres of the disc I felt suddenly blocked, as if my body weighed 1,000 kilos;
I was unable to move and had great difficulty in breathing.
A circular ‘trap-door’ opened in the underside of the disc, giving out a violet and orange light, and someone emerged, dressed in a close-fitting suit and a glass helmet. The figure seemed to be about five feet four inches tall. ‘He’ approached to within a little more than a metre from me and raised his right hand.
I asked him why they didn’t give us the benefit of their technical knowledge and stay with us for a while on our planet, and how long it would take to acquire their technical proficiency. He replied that, in the first place, it was impossible for them to interfere with the evolution of any other planet; that spending any time in our solar system would age them prematurely, and finally that we would never reach their standard of evolution, because the crust of our planet is too different, and in the near future there would be a shifting of the poles. This would result in a vast opening in the Earth’s crust, bringing about the cataclysmic destruction of 80 per cent of the population, and leaving only a narrow strip of land still inhabitable for the few survivors.


More details in this video interview with Walter Rizzi:

“He went on to say that our planets suffered from some kind of imbalance and they’re at some point in the future there would be an incredible disaster a crack would appear in the crust of the earth and the middle of the Atlantic ocean and that would be the end.”


From a science article posted today (8-25-2023) titled: “The Atlantic Ocean is getting wider every year. Researchers have finally figured out why.”

The tectonic plates undergirding the Americas are separating from those beneath Europe and Africa. But precisely how and why that is happening was a mystery to scientists, since the Atlantic doesn’t have the same dense, subducting plates that the Pacific does.
Typically, plates move under the force of gravity as it pulls denser parts of plates into the Earth. But the plates that surround the Atlantic Ocean are not as dense, making scientists wonder what’s triggering these plates to move if not gravity. The research suggests the upwelling of material from deep within the mantle could be the engine of that Atlantic expansion.


From the Theory of Everything podcast:

About 2:30:30 into the video:

Curt Jaimungal: “Okay, to wrap up, you’ve been with us for quite some time. There’s been talk from Leslie Kean and John Ramirez that something’s occuring in the late 2020s, 2027, 2029, I don’t know. I just know that these years have been set out like some significant event is going to happen. What do you know about that?

Ross Coulthart: Look, there are people who have suggested to me that there are apocalyptic events, like catastrophic. One of the ones I heard at one stage was the reversal of the poles, and I don’t know why that would cause any calamitous geological changes.

It was suggested to me that there might be calamitous movement of the Earth’s crust. I was referred to the so-called Adam and Eve story that’s apparently in part in a redacted form in the CIA library.

But 2027 was mentioned at one time. I’ve heard other dates in the 30s. I don’t know. I’ve got no idea. I have no leads that make me feel strongly that this is true. I think it’s speculative. I just don’t know. You’d have to ask Leslie or John Ramirez.


Art bell Coast to Coast call in radio show in 1997. Frantic sobbing caller who claimed to work at Area 51. Call suddenly cut off, satellite transmission terminated.


Caller: “OK, What we’re thinking of as Aliens Art, they’re Extra-Dimensional beings that an earlier precursor of the space program made contact with.”


” They are not what they claim to be. They have infiltrated a lot of aspects of the military establishment, particularly the Area 51.”


The disasters that are coming, the military.., I am sorry.., the government knows about them.. and there’s a lot of safe areas in this world that they could begin moving the population to.. now Art”.

Art: “They are not doing anything?”

Caller: “They are not!” “They want those major population centers wiped that the few that are left will be more easily controllable.”

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