Is there value in having a separate sub for people who’d actually like to do something about this issue?

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I’ve noticed that despite having 1.5 million members on this sub, people mostly visit this sub for the latest news, videos, sighting accounts and engage in discourse about the current state of things.But there are plenty of us who are convinced of extraterrestrial visitation and are past the point of hyper analyzing every video, tweet and podcast. While I enjoy some of the brilliant analysis that we see here, I just want to see the real conclusive footage and evidence and hear from the people that are involved in these reverse engineering programs.


To that end, I think a sub strictly focused on actionable steps towards pushing the government(s) to disclose everything they can (which as we all know is a lot more than they have) would be useful for people who just want to know what they can do to help.I know what you’re thinking- just contact your representatives. But it’s not that simple. Hand written letters, emails, phone calls to representatives, key people in the government(s), former govt employees, journalists and doing all of this en masse and in a targeted manner is what it takes to put some real momentum behind this. Trying to do that on this sub just results in these attempts getting drowned out by all the posts on whatever new thing this sub is fixated on for the week- which I understand to an extent.


I’m worried that if we don’t actually do something about this and get this to snowball into disclosure right now, it’ll be 2040 and we’ll still be waiting for the next hearing or the next podcast to drop. If this was kept from the public for 90 years, I doubt that that’s going to change easily because of a hearing or because there is new legislation (they’ve had all the infrastructure in place to illegally cover this up for 90 years, why would it be any different now just because there’s words on a paper). So the only way is to push the government HARD on this issue.

I’m curious about what you guys think about this. Thoughts and feedback are welcome.

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