It’s been long enough. I am going to tell you all a few things you have missed- and some of them are confirmable if any of you even bother. Please, somebody look into these claims and pay close attention. Ra is real. Aliens are real.

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This will probably be ignorantly ignored, but if only a single person bothers to look into what I am claiming they will find that these claims are true.

There is a way to verify authentic UFO sightings. Up until this post, that is. I presume that if people pay attention to this post that people will begin to fabricate this detail- so take note of the date on this post.

When somebody is recording an authentic UAP, the UAP is partnered with an anomaly that none of you ever seem to notice. A small black object flies through the recording at a remarkable speed. It happens in every single authentic UAP video and the black object is always separate from the UAP itself. Sometimes it is only visible for a few frames. The object looks like a bird, but it always moves far too fast to be a bird. If you all go back and watch UAP videos of the past, you will be able to confirm this.

It happens in every UAP video. Keep in mind that some UAP videos have been clipped at either side to save time, so the anomaly may have happened and been clipped out on some videos. It happens in EVERY authentic UAP video.

*This is visible in at least one video on the hot page of /r/UFO’s right now. Once you look for this anomaly, you will understand. It is easiest to see during daytime UAP footage.

UAP’s materialize through consciousness. They prefer minds that are “open” and sometimes in an altered state. Staying awake for a few days on amphetamines makes you a prime target. Tiredness seems to be a huge factor. Unknown why.

They can alter your consciousness and modify your environment in this state, but it’s unclear if they can physically touch you. You can see things others cannot in this state, but I have no knowledge of physical interaction.

Think of it as a client side modification. Other people will not see these alterations.

Ra is real. Unclear if Egypt lore is true at this moment. Just that Ra is real. He has communicated with some individuals. Seems to be a neutral/loving entity. Unable to confirm if “the ra material” is legit- but some elements line up.

Aliens modified monkeys to make us.

A war is coming. Humanity as we know it may be coming to an end. This is why disclosure is happening. Unclear if the government is going to be defensive- some implication that Ra knows how things unfold already.

We may all be part of one entity. Unverifiable.

Interacting with these entities has a big impact on the mind. Unclear if it’s intentional to create a cloud of distrust in the source, or if it’s a byproduct of an interaction with consciousness we don’t understand. It literally drives people temporarily insane.

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