I’ve never been shy about my encounter, I saw what I saw, and there is little way for me to explain it naturally.

It never bothered me when ppl rolled their eyes, or called bullshit; I have no proof to offer, and there was a time I would have had the same reaction.

In recent months however, I’ve now had 3 people I’ve previously told the story to, come to me and be like; “So what about that UFO you saw? Can you tell me about it again?” When I ask why, the answers are along the lines of “well its in the news UFO’s are real so I’m not sure anymore.

These same ppl who wrote it off out of hand now were hanging onto the story, pulling extra detail from me and basically ending with “that’s crazy man wow”. It’s a small thing, but it is something which indicates to me that while this thing is going slow, it is going, and people are beginning to pay attention.

I wonder if anybody else has been having this experience? Anybody who’s seen a UFO, told the story to deaf ears, and now suddenly those same people have interest and willingness to listen to the story again given new info?

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