Jim Himes, Member of the Gang of Eight, is a Potential Enemy to the Disclosure Process

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We all know Rep. Mike Turner is a major conflict of interest in all this by mocking the idea of the existence of NHI reverse-engineering programs while representing the very same district that Wright Patterson AFB is located in (and has received contributions from contractors Lockheed and Raytheon).

But one guy that has skated by without the same scrutiny and who may be just as much of a threat to disclosure is Rep. Jim Himes. Both of these guys belong to the Gang of Eight and are the two top-ranking members on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence#Members,_118th_Congress).

Himes Mocks Grusch’s Claims:

After Grusch’s original NewsNation interview, Jim Himes stood right next to Turner mocking Grusch’s claims.

When asked about them, he’s quick to dismiss the question and says in that interview in a mocking tone “I asked about whether we had any matter, organic or inorganic that we can’t explain its source during the second hearing and the answer was an unequivocal no (smiles).”

However, he only asked Stephen Bray of the Navy this and Bray said they “had no materials and detected no emanations from within the UAP Task Force to suggest this,” as if that encompasses the entire military industrial complex.

Disclosure Amendment indicates UAP info is being hidden:

Yet, at the time he asked that, he was not told during that same hearing about UAP information being hidden, so why should Bray’s word mean anything? The Disclosure Amendment clearly states in it that there’s info related to UAPs hidden in the Energy Department (under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954):

“Legislation is necessary because credible evidence and testimony indicates that Federal Government unidentified anomalous phenomena records exist that have not been declassified or subject to mandatory declassification review as set forth in Executive Order 13526 (50 U.S.C. 3161 note; relating to classified national security information) due in part to exemptions under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (42 U.S.C. 2011 et seq.), as well as an over-broad interpretation of ‘‘transclassified foreign nuclear information’’, which is also exempt from mandatory declassification, thereby preventing public disclosure under existing provisions of law.”

Himes Mocks Whistleblowers While Saying We Need to Destigmatize Reporting:

Ironically, right before Himes asked that question in the second hearing, he talked about how it’s important to destigmatize the topic so pilots feel comfortable for reporting it, then, also in a mocking tone, asked the question about extraterrestrial materials recovered.

It’s clear his only reason for asking was because he already had the notion that it’s ludicrous before even asking the question and his only reason for asking was to quell “conspiracy theories” as he put it.

Questions we should be asking about this guy:

Does he have any campaign contributions/motives for this behavior? Is he purposely trying to obstruct the disclosure process or is he just another biased skeptic and not doing his job in an objective way?

Regardless of which of those scenarios in the second question apply, he’s a potential enemy to the disclosure process because he wields a lot of power relating to UAP hearings and may be just as much a conflict of interest as Turner.

What do you think?

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Lockheed contributions confirmed
Raytheon contributions confirmed

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